please help me guys

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by the_sly_dog, May 17, 2006.

  1. the_sly_dog

    the_sly_dog Network Guru Member

    hello guys,
    i need your help,

    i did swap my wrt54gs v4 for a wrt54gs v1

    but when i went to set it all up today i noticed that the right antenna is twisted the bit the black things screw in at the back it isnt majorly twisted but it is twisted to the kind of point the right black antenna wont screw in more than half then gets stuck on the back of the routers casing,,

    here is a few picture sorry camera isnt great but u can just see that its a bent bent to the left
  2. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member

    I would just try and straightne it out. Hold the body of the connector and screw the antenna on and try to push it back into place.

    Otherwise, just use the left antenna and set both TX and RX to it.

    It's really not going to make much differene with only 1 antenna, and in some cases a single antenna is better.

  3. the_sly_dog

    the_sly_dog Network Guru Member

    so what u are saying is screw the black antenna on to it as far as it will go and then try to push it back in to place ?????

    dont that silver bit unscrew or something so i could put it back on straight ????
  4. dino74

    dino74 Network Guru Member

    My wrt4gs v2.1 has the same issue. I left it alone because it seems it was install crooked and you might break something by trying to straighting it.
  5. the_sly_dog

    the_sly_dog Network Guru Member

    gcore thanks alot for that m8,

    wow it was nerve wracking,,

    done it mate all back perfect now woohoooo

    thanks alot

    Wrt54gs version 1 is back to 100% health lol
    :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  6. snwbdr

    snwbdr Network Guru Member

    I have not opened up mine in a while, but if you take the board completely off of the casing you should be able to resolder it easy enough. (screws hold it in so look for it don't force it.) I guess it depends on how confident you are on doing it, but should be easy enough if you are careful. I wouldn't just twist it though, you might snap it( it is the one that is connected through the board and not by a wire too so you could make it worse. Or just hollow out the hole in the case a little bit.
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