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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by 2001rotax800, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. 2001rotax800

    2001rotax800 LI Guru Member

    After 2 weeks of reading and testinf I seem to be going in to many directions. I need step back and focus on the task, so here is what I am trying to accomplish. Contained are the problems I have encountered and still have me stumped.

    I have a successfull wireless network set up in my house that consist of a wrt54g v2 with thibor 15c loaded in it in the basement hooked up to my cable modem. I have a laptop with a linsys wireless card and a desktop with a wireless card as well. The work great and I do not any problem. My sole intension for this project is to share my internet connection with my neighbor across the street. We purchased a wireless card for his desktop and one for his laptop, but the signal is to weak to make it, we can get and ok signal on his porch but once we enter the house it drops right out. So my plan was to buy another wrt54g version 4 or less, load thibor 15c and put it in the front of his house to act as an access point. As a side note I have also purcg=hased the 7dbi antennas off of ebay, drilled a hole in my house and put these outside to help boost the signal, helped a little but not enough.

    So I now have the 2nd wrt54g with thibor on it and I thought I had all the seeting down that I needed but I seem to be having more dificulty than I expected.

    I changed the ip adress of the 2nd wrt to, ok log back in change ssid, set up security, password, save ech page of settings as I go. I set the gateway to the number 1 wrt, and leave it in gateway mode. Should this be in router mode?

    after this I close the interface with the 2nd wrt and unplug the ethernet cable, my laptop connects noit internet, but then within a minute goes to little or no conectivity. If i unplug the power of #2wrt, my connection comes back and I have acess to internet just like before, so obvioulsy they are fighting each other and I need to change some settings.

    power #2 wrt back up plug in the ethernet cable and tyoe in and page cannot open, now the only way to gain acess back in to #2wrt is to do a hard reboot and go through and reset all setting from there defaults again.........I know I am learning alot and I am pretty paitient but this is starting to get to me. I have read the articles, done over 25h hours of searches and reading. Please give me some tips, or ideas to try, Thanks Jesse
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Are you trying to use #2wrt as a wireless repeater and also have your neighbor use wireless or is your neighbor going to connect to the #2wrt wired and you are connecting wirelessly to the #1wrt?
  3. 2001rotax800

    2001rotax800 LI Guru Member

    Everything wireless. And be tranparent, I mean I wand to be able to go to his house with my laptop, and vise versa. I am quite confussed and far as what all settings are used for

    examples, WDS, client, ap+wds, gateway, router....
  4. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    I take it you are trying to do

    YourWRT should be setup to be AP+WDS, gateway mode (WAN port connected to modem), say IP, DHCP on.

    NeighborWRT should be setup to be AP+WDS, ROUTER mode, say IP, gateway YourWRT (, DNS YourWRT. WAN interface disabled, DHCP off.

    Make sure your wireless settings on the 2 WRTs are EXACTLY the same (channel number, WPA+AES, SSID, etc.). Also, if you have MAC address filtering, make sure that allows the necessary wireless clients on both WRTs.
  5. 2001rotax800

    2001rotax800 LI Guru Member

    Thanks, those are the settings i am going to use, but now I am having a problem with #2WRT. I can change the ip address to but after I close the window and try to get back in to the setting s page, I cannot. The only way is to do a hard reset, which puts teh default ip back to Is there something wong with the WRT?
  6. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Most likely nothing wrong with #2WRT. You might have another device on your network that is already using IP address, or some other limitation.

    Best way to solve this is to (i) make your PC's wired interface static at say, and turn off any other interfaces (such as wireless) on your PC. Then (ii) connect only #2WRT directly to your PC via a LAN port of #2WRT's. Then (iii) access #2WRT as, change the IP address to, save it, and wait until it reboots/comes back, and then check if you can access it as

    If you can't, make a note of the LAN MAC address of #2WRT. Then go to a DOS prompt on your PC, and do
    arp -a
    If it responds to the ping on .2, you're OK, and should be able to access the http interface on #2WRT. If it does not respond to the ping on .2, check if you see the MAC address of #2WRT in the arp table, and with what IP address.
    If you see nothing or can't find #2WRT, get Wireshark, Ethereal, or some sniffer and see if you can make sense of what comes out of the LAN interface of #2WRT.

    If you can ping it, but cannot access the http interface, you have a firewall or a browser proxy problem - check that.

    Make sure you have your IPs right - it's easy to type 168.192... instead of 192.168...
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