Please help me setup WDS(Bridge)

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by pkitester, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. pkitester

    pkitester Network Guru Member

    I am trying to set up a WDS Bridge between two WRT54GS boxes. I finally got up the cash to try, but now access to the sveasoft forums with all my posts and good reference posts is pay for only. :(

    I've tried everything I can recall from memory. I shut off firewall, and block wan requests. I've turned off loopback. I've setup WDS on each router with the other routers wireless MAC, and used the suggested addresses.

    When I telnet into the boxes I see no WDS interface. The wl wds command returns nothing. I've rebooted a million times with no change. The ipconfig command shows a br0 that is the LAN, then eth0 and eth1 with no addresses, a lo inteface(even tho loopback is off), finally a vlan0 and vlan1 where vlan1 is the static information I put in for the WAN(which I don't plan on using).

    Trying to issue a wl wds xx::...:xx gives some crazy error "eth1: Invalid argument".

    Please help if you can!
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