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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dahund, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    It all started when me an a friend wanted to bridge to routers so we could share one internet connection.

    We started bying wag300n because we thought that we could repeat its signal, but no. We returned it.

    Then we decided to get some routers where we could change the antenna. Sorry for bad speling.:) So we looked at either two accespoints wap54g which we were told would work. Well the problem was that we needed a router also so we decided to go for a wrt54gs and a wap54g, we even called linksys support in denmark and asked if they would connect as ap and client. :redface: not as an repeater because we wanted the signal to go wired after the bridge. wiich they clamed we could

    Let me explain i have a 24mbit line i want to send about 220 feet or about 70 meters, to two wap54g from the wrt54gs. i dont care about wds wich i aparently cant firmware problem (-: use anyway since the wrt i a version 6. i just want to send the signal wifi so they can plug a patch kabel into to the accespoint and there on in to a computer.
    it should end up like this

    wrt54gs v.6 - 24mbit maybe new antenna 7dbi
    / -------- \
    wifi------------- wifi
    60 meters / ------------- \70 meters
    / --------------- \
    at least 15mbit .wap54g v3 --- at least 15mbit .wap54g v3
    (maybe new antenna 7dbi outside) (maybe new antenna 7dbi outside

    can anyone please help before i lose anymore sleep, iam not a noob just dont know **** about wifi.​
  2. esaym

    esaym LI Guru Member

    Yea I have been loosing sleep trying to figure out my set up too. From what I have read, if you use 3rd party firmware like Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c, you can run the wrt54g in client mode. In client mode the router will look like 1 client to the router that it is connected to.

    So if i understand right you have your internet connection connected to a wireless router. So if you get 2 wrt54g's (I wouldn't use wap54g's since they are not a router and don't have a dhcp client in them) in client mode then the router with the internet will only "see" 2 clients. You can have what ever you want behind the wrt54g's. If you want wireless connections behind them then you are going to have to plug a separate access point into one of the 4 ports on the wrt54g.

    As far as antennas I would use directionals (plus they are cheaper). You only need one antenna per wrt54g so you can just leave one connection port open. I would recommend any directional from You might also have to get some cabling to run from the wrt54g to the antenna. You really need to atleast use lmr-400 coaxial. It is good up to about a 30ft run. After 30ft you will be taking off more then 3db of the antenna's gain. If you need to run a cable more then 30ft you will need to use lmr-600 (costly!). The plugs on the wrt54g antenna jacks are rp-tnc.
  3. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    From what I have read, if you use 3rd party firmware like Hyperwrt 2.1b1 No iam not using any 3rd party firmware only the newest firmware from linksys.

    So you think i should return the wap54g´s and by two wrt54gs v6(linksys firmware) all in all i would end up with 3 wrt´s. Is that correct. (-:
  4. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    Sorry here comes more. The antennas cables shouldnt be a problem they wont even reach 6 feet. dont you think 7dbi antennas is enough for 270 feet with at least a 15 mb output.
  5. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    will Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c run on a version 6. ? :biggrin:
  6. esaym

    esaym LI Guru Member

    Well if you already bought them then I guess use them. I don't know how exactly they work so I can't help you there

    They might. I always just use directionals since I like to limit the amount of wireless radiating into my brains :)

    oh crap, no it wont. the wrt54g is just connected to your internet router though right? if so it should be fine
  7. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    But if i want i could return them, the only one i cant return is the wrt54gsv6. But the 2 wap´s i can return. Maybe i could by to wrt54gs instead.

    Could i put 2 directional antennas ona wrt54gs, on for my friend and on for my other friend.

    So a link should work without the firmware, have any link where i can read about linking two .wrt54gs version 6.

    Thx for the help by the way. :smile:
  8. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    will DD-WRT do the job, ?
  9. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    the problem here is the version of WRT54G, you really need a WRT54GL. i refuse now to link to amazon for the rel WRT54G and WRT54GS units sinc ethese are now v5/v6/v7 which are all very limiting in what you cna do with them and are in my opinion a waste of space. All my Linksys inc the WRT54G/GS point to the GL version which is a rebadged WRT54G v4. with the GL and 3rd party firmware you would have a good chance of this setup working correctly and being stable since distance will require a sugnal boost, something that the antennas alone will not boost the signal strength enough.
  10. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    So Toxic you are saying for this to work i need to buy, 3 wrt54gl instead. any version problems with that one. ?

    Is the wrt54gl, ready for use or should i update to a 3d. party firmware. ?

    Wouldnt the DD-wRT micro firmware do the job.? in the wrt54gs case.

    Sorry for all the questions, hope its ok. (-:
  11. esaym

    esaym LI Guru Member

    Well with your current idea with the wrt54gs connecting 2 wap54g's, you said you wanted your connection to be wired after the wap54g's right? How many computers are you going to have behind them? The wap supports wireless bridging which means it will pull ip addresses for the computers behind it from the wrt54gs that it is connected to. This only works well if there is just one computer behind the wap. Info on bridge modes: A bridge will work with more then one computer behind it but sometimes it can cause problems.

    As far as taking back the wap's and getting 2 wrt54gl's, it all really depends if you are wanting more then one computer behind them.

    Yes you could get 2 directional for the wrt54gs but I think you shold be fine with it stock as long as you get some good antennas on the other end. If not THEN you can buy directionals for the wrt54gs:biggrin:
  12. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    Thx alot esaym, behind the wap54g there will be more then on computer in both casses.

    so i think i will go for the wrt54gl solution, with new antennas on the to recivers (2*wrt54gl). recivers...

    On last question an then ill leave you alone, Should i on the 3*wrt54gl´s update to firmware to some 3d part firmware if yes wich would you recomend.

    Once again thx for all the help, Its nice once an for getting the right advice in the jungle of wifi........
  13. sufrano63

    sufrano63 Network Guru Member

    I would go with dd-wrt v24 firmware. It has repeater mode feature you want. Try buying buffalo instead of wrt v5 or v6, which is also supported by dd-wrt. I have both wrt and buffalo running dd-wrt. check out my signature.
  14. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    So i should by 3 wrt54gl´s (any version problem with the gl). an update them to DD-wrt firmware.
    and let them work in client bridge mode...

    In repeater mode isnt only the wifi that is being repeated, Need it to go kabel after bridge, link, ptp, not wifi ? :confused:
  15. esaym

    esaym LI Guru Member

    not bridge mode but client mode :wink: [​IMG]

    The wrt54gs as the gateway should be fine. You won't have to change the firmware on it since it is fine in router/gateway mode

    i like the hyperwrt +thibor firmware

    the dd-wrt just has more features, most of which you wont need. I have never used it. Once I get my wrt54gl I might put it on it just because it seems to have a better qos method
  16. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member


    final solution what do you think.
  17. JWolf

    JWolf LI Guru Member

    Go with 3 WRT54GL and thibor 15c.
  18. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    3rd party firmwares give you the ability to boost signal strength and many many other features that the linksys official firmware does not support by default.

    the ddwrt micro version is limited in features due to its size.
  19. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    so i should go with thibor 15c on all 3. :) By the way is there any version problems with the wrt54gl´s`?
  20. sartsj

    sartsj Network Guru Member

    The WRT54GL is basically the same as the older WRT54G's, it doesn't have the problems which the wrt54g v5-7 have. Actually, the L in WRT54GL stands for linux. Linksys apparently decided to introduce the widely loved open-source wrt54g under a new tag.
  21. esaym

    esaym LI Guru Member

    Sounds like you got it!
  22. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    is 15mbit of internet reallistic.....
  23. esaym

    esaym LI Guru Member

    I have no idea. But due to the nature of wireless, the adapter will have to be connected to at least 30mb to get 15mb of throughput (speed is halved due to the CSMA/CA implementation)
  24. dahund

    dahund LI Guru Member

    Ok thx for all the help, all of you
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