Please help - setting up wireless ethernet bridge!

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by phsieh2005, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. phsieh2005

    phsieh2005 LI Guru Member



    I have a Linksys wrt54gs (v6) as my main router connected to the ISP modem.

    I just got a Linksys wrt54gl today. Installed tomato 1.11 firmware - all went well I think.

    I would like to setup the wrt54gl as a wireless ethernet bridge so that there will be two PCs connected to it through ethernet cables.

    I followed the tutorial video on the tomato website - setting up wireless client. But instead of wireless client, I changed to wireless ethernet bridge. The wrt54gl was set to I have tried WEP and WPA (TKIP) and WPA (AES) - all failed to connect to the main router. I then switched to wireless client mode and only connected one PC to the lan port - no luck.

    I am able to see the main router from the wrt54gl router. ping from wrt54gl ( failed. It looks like wrt54gl sees the main router wirelessly, but, they did not make connection.

    I thought that this is supposed to be very easy in tomato. But, no luck so far.

    Any suggestion will be highly appreciated!

  2. Seal

    Seal Network Guru Member

    go with the client mode setup.

    Have same setup here and it works flawlessly.

    Ofc make sure that wireless settings are identical on both routers(channel,encryption,encryption key etc)
  3. phsieh2005

    phsieh2005 LI Guru Member

    Thanks a lot Seal for the link! I will give it another try.

    When I first got the wrt54gl, in the back of the router, it has a sticker, printed: "run CD first.....". But, I do not see any CD inside the box. I am able to install tomato without any problem. Do I really need to run this CD? If yes, where do I get it?

  4. Seal

    Seal Network Guru Member

    No need whatsoever m8.

    The cd is just an instructional/guided hands and feet on setting up your network/settings.

    Since you already have access to your routers GUI and already have firmware flashed to tomato, i would say the cd is more or less redundant.
  5. phsieh2005

    phsieh2005 LI Guru Member


    I disabled security/broadcast ssid/no MAC filter. Then, the two routers immediately connected. However, as soon as I turned wireless security (tried WEP/WPA with AES), then, the two routers failed to connect.

    I also have a ZyXEL wireless bridge. It can connect to the main Linksys router (wrt54GS) without any problem (only tried WEP though).

    This is more difficult than I thought!

  6. phsieh2005

    phsieh2005 LI Guru Member


    I finally found my mistake. On the main router, I have MAC filter turned on. I only listed the WAN MAC address of the wireless bridge. After I included the LAN MAC address, everything is great!


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