please help. WAG354G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jon212, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. jon212

    jon212 LI Guru Member

    Hello, i recently upgraded to the latest firmware

    Firmware Version: 1.01.05

    my connection type : PPPoA

    BT broadband.

    Internet access is fine when i connect to the router via ethernet cable.
    -On wireless, if my laptop is next to the router it works fine.

    - pc upstairs which connects via USB D-link wireless. When i click on the windows xp "choose a wireless connection" says linksys (manual)

    so i click connect. Then it says "not connected" but at the bottom right of the "choose wireless network" window it has a box with "disconnect". Strange thing is, even tho it says it isnt connected, sometimes i can still surf the internet (granted it goes down every minute)

    when i click connect (with linksys Manual) selected, it goes back to "not connected", but the windows choose a wireless netowrk window must think im connected, giving me that option to disconnect.

    any ideas?
  2. jon212

    jon212 LI Guru Member


    Theres a photo, illustrating the problem. It says that im not connected but i am currently using the internet to write this reply - it cuts off every ......30 seconds?
  3. icest0rm

    icest0rm Network Guru Member

    I think it's just an XP problem...
    happened here also sometimes..
  4. Advis

    Advis Network Guru Member

    Use D-Link's utility.
  5. jon212

    jon212 LI Guru Member

    thanks for the help, i will try that...

    ill let you know what happens

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