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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by i0's, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. i0's

    i0's LI Guru Member

    Hello all,
    I just bought a WRT54GL. I have been reading on all the 3rd party firmware and am a little confused, since I am still a newbie when it comes to networking and I do not understand most of the terms, even from the comparison table. If anyone of you can point to the firmware best suited for my needs, I would greatly appreciate it. (In no particular order)
    -1 computer on wired, 1 print server wired, 3 laptops wireless, 4 pdas wireless
    -main goal in stability
    -2 computers will be running torrents (I know limiting connection helps with router restarting, is there a link that would give a tutorial?)
    -currently no VoIP, but, I just want to future proof it and include it.
    -QoS sounds like a amazing feature and would love that too
    -some times play multiplayer games, Halo.
    -current linksys firmware wireless signal strength is perfect for my house, therefore no boosting required
    -WEP is the current encryption I use, should I be considering using other types?

    That’s all I can think of now, if you need to clarify anything please let me know.

    Thank you very much.
  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    You don't need any custom or 3rd party firmware for most of what you are doing.

    BitTorrents: open 2 different ports (or range of ports) using Port Forwarding function on your router, one port for each computer and its network IP address ( Many BitTottent clients provides an adjustable limit on the no. of connections so there is nothing to adjust unless you want to open up the no. of connections on the router, then you need a custom firmware such as Thibor15c.
    QoS is built into current factory firmware already, I think (it's been a while since I look at one).
    WEP is not as safe as WPA or WPA2, but if the wireless adapters on your PDA only support WEP, you don't have much choice in the matter. WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are all supported on the factory WRT54GL firmware.

    There is an added benefit to many of the custom firmware: Static IP - the same computer network adapter will always obtain the same IP address from the router. This helps especially when using Port Forwarding.
  3. i0's

    i0's LI Guru Member

    oh, thx for the prompt reply.
    i have not tried using torrent with this router yet, but, I cannot afford any router rebooting caz others using this network do not want any downtime.
    I read that these 3rd party firmware (forgot which one) refreshes/dumps the torrent connection table which helps with stability, thats the one I was hoping for and to go along with rest of my criterias.
  4. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Network Guru Member

    I just purchased a Linksys WRT54GL myself but won't receive it till friday... I know as soon as I get it that I will be flashing HyperWRT\Thibor 15c to it... I'm currently using a Linksys WRT54G v1.1 with HyperWRT\Thibor 15c.. I've also tried DD-WRT and it seems very unstable... HyperWRT\Thibor 15c is much more stable... with my current WRT54G router I used to have an issue where the internet would slow to a crawl... mostly using torrents... I woould have to power cycle several times a day... I beleive it was do to some bug in the original Linksys firmware... since I switched to HyperWRT\Thibor 15c all my problems went away... no more power cycles.. the router uptime is 45 days now... this is why I plan to flash my WRT54GL with the same firmware... I highly recommend it...
  5. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

    The Linksys firmware should be fine for what you are wanting to do. If you want a third party firmware then Thibor will be more than enough.
  6. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Network Guru Member

    Blasphemy!!!! No user should ever be subjected to the original linksys firmeware!
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Unfortunately thats the way it is, and for newbies, they shoud get accustomed to the linksys firmware and what features they do first of all before even thinking of using a 3rd party firmware. Many of the extra features are overwhelming for most newbies and they dont know what to do with them.

    i0's I think most of the benefits are shown here, however bittorent services uses alot of bandwidth and in some circumatsnce can bring routers down. you may need to "tweak" and lower the amount of connections you allow to the bt client to keep things running smoothly.
  8. i0's

    i0's LI Guru Member

    i will try Thibor. correct me if i am wrong, Thibor does dump past torrent connections to improve stability?

  9. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Network Guru Member

    Yes it does.

    I just got my WRT54GL.. quite a few days ealier than expect... and I installed Thibor 15c and all is working well..
  10. sNNooPY

    sNNooPY LI Guru Member

    no ADVANCED user...
    original firmware is OK for people who don't need all those extra features. to make a simple home network, original firmware is enough.
    and also, I think you lose warranty if you flash another firmware... not sure, correct me if I'm wrong, so let's say a newbie flashes the router with some third party firmware, something goes wrong, and what then? Rembember that I'm talking about an average home user with not much knowledge.
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