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  1. wirefan

    wirefan Network Guru Member


    I have two PCs connected to my Linksys. One Wireless on WinXP and the Host wired on W2K.

    Both working fine until I decided that I would upgrade my internet speed to 10mb from 2mb. Now the wireless isnt working. Its connecting to the router but I cant access the web. I just get the "page cannot be displayed message".

    Wired PC still working great.

    please help?
  2. ConverseNation

    ConverseNation Network Guru Member

    Define upgrade from/to...

    A speed change in your ISP service won't make any difference to your Router, nore will it cause only the wireless to not function. Not knowing your provider, nor the modem type means I can only make a blanket generalization regarding possible conditions and fixes.
    1) If upgrading your speed involved a different Modem being installed, then power off the modem and the Wireless Router. power on the modem first and allow it to make a connection back to your isp, then power on the Wireless Router. As always, your PC's should be the last thing powered on unless the interfaces can be released/renewed seperately.
    2) If upgrading your speed means you were only getting 1mbps in the far room of your location and you increased your ISP speed to 10 mbps in hopes you could get a higher connection speed to your laptop at a greater distance then you are mistaken. In this situation I have to make the assumption that you are getting a good signal, with decent throughput and for some reason the XP Machine has not updated to whatever other changes you have made. Be it the laptop was in hibernate thus saving settings, or maybe you were connected to someone else's DEFAULT SSID that matched yours and they haven't paid thier ISP and thus their service is down.
    I am lacking enough information to assist you properly. Sorry.
  3. wirefan

    wirefan Network Guru Member

    Thanks for trying so far.

    I am with NTL (UK) Cable broadband.

    -Both PCs are desktops
    -The upgrade involved no modem changes, just a simple reset of the existing one.
    -The reason for upgrade was simply to gain better d/load speeds on the host PC (which is working fine)

    Its bizarre, the wireless network is still connecting to the router, but when you look at the network status it shows that there has been alot of data sent to the router but very little received.

    Is there any other info that you need from me?
  4. wirefan

    wirefan Network Guru Member

    sorted! thanks for the help.
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