Please install Vlan for Internet + IPTV Linksys E2000 Tomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by manhdesign, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. manhdesign

    manhdesign New Member Member

    I used the Linksys E2000 Router to upgrade Open WRT and I wanted to switch to using Tomato but all attempts failed.
    The Internet and IPTV I use are as follows:
    ISP >> Fiber >> Linksys E2000
    Posts 1 & 2 Internet Lan
    Posts 3 & 4 Setop box IPTV.

    Internet Vlan 35
    IPTV Vlan 2502

    Previously used Open WRT firmware I configured and ran very well.


    When I upgrade to Tomato, I configure and only use the Internet, can not use IPTV. According to the instructions I used (First 802.1Q VLAN tag 32) VID 35 Wan and use the Internet normally, but IPTV is not.

    Please support me
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  2. sac7000

    sac7000 Serious Server Member

    3- - (vlan3-iptv),(port3-IPTV), (port4-IPTV+internet) (port1,2-lan - internet).
    If you need to iptv-box also access to the Internet -
    We create a subnet in the lan section for example, DHCP is always disabled in it.
    go to the tab Access to Lan it gives us Internet access for 4 ports and on it there is a (iptv) multicast point:
    br0 -> br1
    br1 -> br0
    iptv box looking at the switch of the provider and it is assigned an ip-address from it and not DHCP from the router
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  3. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    Screenshot for DD-WRT shows VLAN ID 2520. Screenshot for Tomato shows VLAN ID 2502. Note the difference.
  4. sac7000

    sac7000 Serious Server Member

    VLAN ID 2520 !!!- He made a mistake ;)
  5. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    I know, I'm saying that mistake/typo could be why he couldn't get it to work in Tomato. He said Internet worked fine, but not IPTV, and the VLAN ID mistake is for IPTV.
  6. manhdesign

    manhdesign New Member Member

    I have set Vlan 2502 it also does not work, that is just the example for different firmware install times
  7. Sean B.

    Sean B. Network Guru Member

    Not sure why an example would be showing the incorrect VLAN ID for the service you're saying isn't working.

    And again:

    2502 is not the VLAN ID your screen shot shows was working with WRT. It should be 2520.
  8. manhdesign

    manhdesign New Member Member

    Show at Openwrt using good, VlanID 2502 for IPTV.

    I can't use IPTV for Tomato and Openwrt is temporary usage
  9. manhdesign

    manhdesign New Member Member

    I have configured as you instruct, as IPTV does not work, Internet works well.

    I want to IPTV works ....
  10. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    Please look at your very first screenshot in your initial post. Look at the OpenWRT part of the picture. In the screenshot for OpenWRT, VLAN ID 2520 is shown. Meanwhile, in the Tomato part of the screenshot, VLAN ID 2502 is shown. Note the two transposed digits.

    If IPTV worked in OpenWRT using VLAN ID 2520, then you should try using VLAN ID 2520 in Tomato and see if IPTV works. :)
  11. tvlz

    tvlz LI Guru Member

    The Vlan ID is automatically adjusted when using the VID Offset feature.

    It does not matter what value is set, the RT branch is not able to use VIDs with that great of a range between them(35 - 2520), it is limited to a range of +/-16 of the VID Offset.

    The code in bcmrobo.c was never added to the RT branch.

    If you had a router that used the RT-N/RT-AC branch you would be able to directly input the VIDs, no VID Offset needed.
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