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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Cancan, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Cancan

    Cancan Network Guru Member

    Please be patient, I am a newbie with this network skill set. I have some of the basics however, I am unfamiliar with the acronyms, hardware models and setups.

    Presently I am running a WRT54G v2, Talisman 1.1 devsnap20051221. On the wireless side I am running a wireless printer/scanner and two wireless laptops. The wired side has a Vonage box which I think but cannot be too sure is is being controlled by QoS in Talisman. I created the rule using the Vonage MAC address on both LAN and WAN since I was unsure where the rule needed to be, the rule resembles something like 20% less the bandwidth Comcast says I have coming into my house (comcast=684/6000) (Vonage QoS rule=250/2000 EXEMPT). After the Vonage rule I created a second rule underneath without any protocols and set it to block. Again, I did this on both WAN and LAN since I could not figure out which side the 4 Ethernet ports work off of (perhaps someone can help me out with that too?). I was told the 2nd rule prioritizes the "top" rule since rules work on a top to bottom priority basis only. Furthermore, it is difficult to tell if QoS is actually doing something.

    So this is the deal; I would like to monitor/control bandwidth and QoS Through some sort of package handling software and I believe that includes the use of SMP..? I don't know anything about it and would like some help here.

    What I will be monitoring/controlling will be the bandwidth allocated to Vonage and giving the two wireless laptops a high priority in order to maintain a high speed connection to the internet. The Vonage does not get used a lot just a home phone set up. I would also like to set up a way to play my Itunes from my lap top through the wireless side of the network to wireless speakers. Finlay, down the road perhaps play a DVD on my laptop and have it played via wireless to a remote television.

    I guess I need to know can I do any of the above?
    what hardware/software do I need to make it happen?
    Will I need a second WRT54G to help with management and maintain high speed connections?
    Which is the best firmware for this type of network?
    How do I get SMP to work and show QoS and again, which is the best firmware Talisman seems to be buggy and unreliable with QoS..?

    I know this sounds hopeless but I would appreciate any help or advice you might have for me. Thanks in advance my friends.
  2. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G using Tofu 12, and QoS works wonderfully for me.

    I also have Vonage, and I run VPN connections and P2P, and my WRT54G is able to keep everything in complete harmony on my network, but setting up QoS takes a little doing.

    I typed up this guide for a Vonage forum that might help you get started.

    to solve the rest of your problems, you want ONE network. Hook everything up to the WRT54G so everything on your LAN can talk to each other. So, no, you do not want more than one WRT54G. If configured properly, with good firmware, it should be more than able to handle your connection unless you have FiOS or some other insanely high speed Internet connection.
  3. Cancan

    Cancan Network Guru Member

    Thanks NateHoy,

    Like I said, I have no idea what VPN or P2P are... Just like I don't know the difference between WAN or LAN. I know one is Local and other is Wide however, which is wired and which is wireless. Have not heard much about Tofu either but on your recommendation I will give it a shot.

    No FiOS here, regular broadband.
  4. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    WAN = Wide Area Network. For your purposes, it means "The Internet".
    LAN = Local Area Network. For you, the stuff connected in your house.
    VPN = Virtual Private Network. A way to connect securely to remote computers over the Internet (using encrypted connections).
    P2P = Peer to Peer. File sharing involving direct transfer between computers. Examples: BitTorrent. Napster (formerly). Gnutella.
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