PLS HELP: WAG54G v1.2 can't manage broadcast address !

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Batilez, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Batilez

    Batilez Network Guru Member

    Hi everybody.

    I've got this LAN configuration:
    HOST 1:
    HOST 2:

    The problem is that I can't forward a packet from the internet towards ALL the hosts in my lan, that's because if I try to set port forwarding towards router says: valid IP numbers are only from 0 to 254. In the specific case I need to send from internet a wake on lan magic packet (UDP port nr.9) to the WAG54G, and the WAG54G should send this packet across the entire network but it doesn't work.
    That's awful ! The routers seems to have no concept of a IP network !!!
    I tried also a little subnet like that:
    HOST 1:
    HOST 2:
    Of course broadcast address should be But, if I set port forwarding towards The WAG54 will simply forward this packet to .15 address as if it is a normal host address !!
    Last but not least I've seen Linksys not to be new to this kind of problem:
    I'm running 1.02.7 cause 1.02.9 doesn't work with my provider...
    Any suggestions ?
    Thank you in advance.


    P.S. I apologize form my awful English :oops:
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    what happens if you setup port forwarding on each IP for the same port?

    ie mutiple entries on the port forward page.

    just a thought.

    or can you set each pc to use a different port to WOL and try this method?

    might be a case for emailing linksys to forward it to R&D to get this working correctly or adding a WOL feature
  3. Batilez

    Batilez Network Guru Member

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your interest to the problem.
    I did not try multiiple entries on the port forward page, because I don't consider it a valid solution to solve this issue :(

    Then, waht about the second solution ? It can't be applied since the sleeping pc has only an active MAC address. For that reason I need to broadcast the wake up packet across the entire lan ports. So as you can see the only way to let it works is to enable broadcast on the WAG54G...
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