PLZ HELP* Iptables limit connection by mac address

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by otakukj, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. otakukj

    otakukj Addicted to LI Member

    Hello all and thank you so much for reading. I recently changed my firmware from the stock to dd-wrt micro (version 24 sp1 to be exact) since I have a crappy v6 model linksys wrt54g. As with many other people I have problems with torrents and very slow sometimes not even possible to surf the net.

    The thing is my roomie uses torrents but I am the person who owns the router, the internet service account, and most of the pc's which use my connection. I am not against him using my service even tho he doesn't pay but I do want to be able to surf the net. Also I don't mind that he uses torrents cuz infact I use them often myself, the thing is if I want to surf the net I can always pause mine or something but I don't think I could just do that to his or even ask him to do that everytime I just want to check my mail or watch a video online or something. You might be wondering why I would even let him use my internet at all since he doesn't pay...well he's close with my brother and sometimes he gives him rides and cigarettes and such and personally I don't have many problems with him too (nor do I want any) we are all gamers so most of the time we get along pretty good. I don't want to ask him to pitch in for the bill cuz then he would be entitled to part of it whereas if I pay all of it I can do whatever I want since it's mine.

    The firmware change did help me some to be able to change the QoS. 1/2 of the time I can surf even if he's torrenting except for sometimes the router just doesn't respond to anything but torrents and I have to physically reset it. Something that really peaves me tho maybe it's just a flaw in the firmware is...that most of the time if he's connected I can't access the router page to tweak settings (he's sleeping right now so I just unhooked his so I could send my plea for help haha)...-_- so annoying. I have played with settings a lot tho and most things didn't really work that well...I tried setting things to bulk, I tried changing settings on our torrent programs I tried limiting the port he uses...nothing really seems to help THAT much.

    I stumbled across this on the forum so if anyone knows anything about iptables and could help me out I would greatly greatly appreciate it!!!!

    That is close to what I would like to do, however instead of to ip I would like to do that for mac address. Or if it's possible to just set an amount manually for upload download to his mac address that would be even better.

    Again thanks SOOOOOO much for reading and I hope someone can help me, more still incase someone else has a similar problem I hope my post will help those too in the future to read this.

    BTW...if u need anymore info from me then plz let me know I can let u know. I will probably be checking this a lot since it's been a real pain in the ass and since I can't afford a better router at the moment.
  2. otakukj

    otakukj Addicted to LI Member

    Well I never did get a reply but I couldn't stand it so I been trying many things so far. None of which really did any good, however I do think I might have finally figured out something it's only been a few days so I can say with 100% certainty but so far things are running beautifully. Ultimately I had been curious about the option that is available to buy (in my case mirco special) so I found out there is someone out there who apparently claims to have programmed some for them in the past. He thought it should be a free software to help people rather than a profit. I choose not to disclose how or where I found it but I will tell everyone that if you look enough u can probably find it pretty easy online. So far the special edition has really helped me but again I am not sure 100% about it. The special edition allows per mac/ipaddress bandwidth management.
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