port forwarding and downgrading wrt54gs

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by marreroj, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. marreroj

    marreroj Guest

    i want to downgrade this router to work for u torrent

    i held the reset button and restored it in the 192.whatever window but i still have a 4.7.1 firmware does anyone know how to remove this? i used an app called eazy link connect once and it worked good for bittorent but after a week the modem just stopped working now i got it to work with ppoe for dsl but bitttorrent is downloading slow i want to add a third party firmware and have it with ports that bittorent can use my ip is now does that make a difference? thanks
  2. frenchy2k1

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    you are mixing several issues all at once.
    - reseting the router will place back all the settings to their default value, it will not change the firmware version
    - what you need for a good bittorrent connection are:
    + at least 10kB upload
    + open port redirected to the bittorrent computer (you choose the port in the bittorrent client and forward it to the computer on the router. Some apps even use uPNP to create the forward automagically. See http://portforward.com/ if not.)
    + a torrent file with many many seeds (1000+)
    In those conditions, you can usually max out your available bandwidth. The more upload you'll give (up to 75% of your link), the faster you can get.

    Now, the problem with bittorrent is that it opens a LOT of connections and often does not close them (they just time out). However, the router keeps track of those for 7 days by default and has a table of 2048 connections. If you have a big swarm, those can fill up quickly. 3rd party firmwares allow you to increase the size of the table and limit the time the router tracks such connections (to 10 minutes). This can allow you to be more aggressive in bittorrent (thing that most users are by default).

    Depending on the revision of your router, 3rd party support may or may not be available. Check the serial number for the first 4 characters and report here.
    192.168.X.X are internal LAN IP and have no effect on speed as long as the settings are correct and consistent.
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