Port forwarding problems with wrt54g as a client of di-514

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by willdelete, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. willdelete

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    As the topic states I'm using a Linksys WRT54G in client mode connecting to a D-Link DI-514. The connection to the internet works fine. I can connect to both routers from behind the client router. I can ping PCs behind the client router from the main router. etc etc.

    The problem is that no matter what I've try I can not get a single port to forward correctly.

    I've tried:

    DMZ on main to client then DMZ from client to target pc (I thought this should have worked no matter what)
    DMZ on main directly to target PC
    DMZ on main to client, forward ports on client to target pc
    Forward ports on main to client, DMZ on client to target
    Forward ports on main to client, forward ports from client to target
    Forward ports on main directly to target

    The main router's information is:

    The client when connecting to main is:
    ip: (Static dhcp)

    The client's local network is setup as:

    The target pc is setup as:
    ip: (static)

    I also have the firewall/ping block on the client disabled. The client router is a v1 using Sveasoft's final alchemy.

    I've exhausted all my ideas, and any help would be greatly appreciated it. I tried to provide all the information I thought would be needed, but if I forgot anything let me know.
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    Re: Port forwarding problems with wrt54g as a client of di-5

    Update: :doh: It was late & I wasn't paying close attention. Despite the fact that I had highlighted it when I quoted you, I didn't notice that you changed the default subnet mask for the "local" network on your client router to which does put it on a different subnet. As a result several of the things I wrote were wrong. I've updated my post so if anyone saw the original version please disregard what it said.

    First off, is your client router functioning as a gateway or is it simply routing? (Setup > Advanced Routing)

    Assuming it's in gateway mode then any of the following should have worked with the configuration you described above:

    Some programs don't like to be double NAT'd though (which is what would have been happening) so if you haven't tried already I'd suggest you test the following: Disable the firewall on the client router and put it in router mode. (I believe the stock WRT54G firware called it simply RIP2 or something similar. (Setup > Advanced Routing page.) Also I don't remember if the stock firmware has an option for "Dynamic Routing" but if so it can be disabled.)

    Next you will need to change the subnet mask of your main router (and all devices connected directly to it) to

    Then configure a static route on your main router that will send all traffic destined for the network to your client router's IP address. With things configured like that either of the following should work:

    Good luck.
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