Port Forwarding with different Ports

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by ChristianF, May 2, 2009.

  1. ChristianF

    ChristianF Addicted to LI Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a problem here that was no big deal with almost any SOHO Router, but in the RV042 I cannot figure out a solution.

    A PC in the network offers access to a Webpage on port 8008, so in the LAN, you can reach the page by accessing and everything works fine.

    The Problem: this page should be accessible from the internet at the router's public IP, but at port 80. So, if you point your browser to the public IP of the router, it should redirect the requests to the machine on the LAN on port 8008.

    Like this:

    Internet PC -----------------------RV042----------- LAN PC
    http://WAN-IP-of-RV042 ----------Port 80-----------Port 8008

    Making the Webpage accessible by using http://wan-ip-of-rv042:8008 is no problem, also there is no problem in forwarding RV042's port 80 to another machine on the LAN that runs a Webserver on port 80 (as most do), but how to figure out the redirection from 80 to 8008???

    Anybody any Idea?

    Thanks a lot!

    Kind regs

    PS: RV042 runs the latest FW of course.
  2. fyellin

    fyellin LI Guru Member

    Googling "RV042 port forwarding" gives me this site, where someone asked the identical question, and was told to look at "Setup -> upnp".

    Not a very obvious place to look, I admit.
  3. ChristianF

    ChristianF Addicted to LI Member

    Thanks for your help, worked fine!
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