Possible To Block Ares?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by AlphaQ, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. AlphaQ

    AlphaQ Network Guru Member

    So I have a WRT54G 2.0 router and I want to block the P2P program Ares. My roommates are constantly on it and it annoys me as well as lags me horribly. Is there a way to block Ares? I have Sveasoft Alchemy 1.0 on my router. I have no idea what ports to block or anything. Any feedback/help would be appreciated.
  2. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

  3. AlphaQ

    AlphaQ Network Guru Member

    Haha, is it possible to request this or anything with Sveasoft?
  4. demoncorpse

    demoncorpse Guest

    no need to recompile, this is simple

    Within Access Restrictions, there's no need for the program to be predefined like aim or bearshare. All that needs to be done is discover what ports Ares uses. I haven't heard of it before, but I googled it and found the below and that you're posing this question on other sites. :p But, here goes.....
    : Ares Ports???


    What Is The Port Address Thingy For Ares?? Please Tell Me...i Have To Know The Port Trigger And Port Forward Thingy, Give Me The full Address, E.g. 6900 Tcp And 2456.3132423.2313.tcp

    Please Tell Me Quickly!! And The Msn Messenger One Aswell If U Know It!


    Ares uses random ports, except the port used for Direct Chat's (set in Control Panel -> Transfer), and the port used for Room hosting (set in Control Panel -> Chat).

    From what iv gathered MSN Messenger uses:
    Ports 6891-6900 enable File send,
    Port 6901 is for voice communications -Voice, PC to Phone, Messages, and Full File transfer capabilities.

    So the ports are....
    IN TCP 6891 - 6900
    IN TCP 1863
    IN UDP 1863
    IN UDP 5190
    IN UDP 6901
    IN TCP 6901


    Basically, if you install it to you're computer and do some wandering around, you'll find what ports it uses by default. Once you're roommates are blocked, i'm sure they'll change them. So the real solution is to be a man and piss on their keyboard.
  5. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    One of the problems with ARES is that you can change the ports it is using, so you are literally shooting at a moving target. There is software to block p2p, but they are geared to to busnesses and schools and are quite expensive. There are routers that will inspect each packet and block p2p.
  6. clyde4210

    clyde4210 Guest

    i know this is old but here goes.

    just block ares through firewalls as ares uses many and random ports to download files. you have a trasnfer port which is used for a tcp/udp connection. this port can be changed at anytime by the user. with sp2 you can even block it through windows firewall as well. that will block it from even connecting to the internet.
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