Post your favorite Apps from optware/entware or binaries

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Almaz, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Almaz

    Almaz Networkin' Nut Member

    What's your favorite Apps from optware/entware or binaries? I hope someone finds this useful, since most people don't know what they are.
  2. darksky

    darksky Addicted to LI Member

    ...these are just programs common to any Linux distro.
  3. RMerlin

    RMerlin Network Guru Member


    The only one I install and use on a regular basis. Otherwise, it depends on your specific needs.
  4. shibby20

    shibby20 Network Guru Member

    my top 3: nano, mc, htop
  5. lancethepants

    lancethepants Network Guru Member

    +1 htop
  6. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    Stuff from my Entware installation/setup script:

    opkg install bash
    opkg install bc
    opkg install bind-dig
    opkg install bind-nslookup
    opkg install binutils
    opkg install bzip2
    opkg install coreutils-sha1sum
    opkg install coreutils-sort
    opkg install curl
    opkg install diffutils
    opkg install file
    opkg install gawk
    opkg install gdb
    opkg install hdparm
    opkg install ldconfig
    opkg install ldd
    opkg install less
    opkg install lsof
    opkg install objdump
    opkg install patch
    opkg install perl
    opkg install procps
    opkg install procps-top
    opkg install rsync
    opkg install sed
    opkg install strace
    opkg install tar
    opkg install tcpdump
    opkg install vim
    opkg install vim-runtime
    opkg install wget
    opkg install unzip
    opkg install xxd
    The only other binary I pick up is since as of this writing there's no Entware package for GNU time (that I could find).
  7. haarp

    haarp LI Guru Member

    What's the cleanest way to get opkg onto the router? First installing ipkg and then opkg via that is kinda ridiculous.
  8. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

  9. ryzhov_al

    ryzhov_al Addicted to LI Member

    • mc as a text editor,
    • privoxy as an engine to use AdBlock+ rules on Android tablet,
    • apcupsd, because my NAS has no USB ports.

    Is time package broken?
    opkg install time
  10. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    I wasn't aware this package existed -- at the time I went looking for it (many, many months ago) it did not. Thanks, one less one-off for me to have to worry about. :)
  11. shibby20

    shibby20 Network Guru Member

    - htop - 0.8.3-2 - An interactive process viewer.
    - mc - - Midnight Commander File Manager
    - nano - 2.2.6-1 - A pico like editor

    and the other useful optware packages:
    - bash - 3.2.49-1 - A bourne style shell
    - hdparm - 9.39-1 - Linux hard drive parameter utility
    - iftop - 0.17-4 - Display bandwidth usage on an interface by host
    - iptraf - 3.0.0-1 - IPTraf is a console-based network statistics utility for Linux.
    - lynx - 2.8.6-1 - A text browser for the World Wide Web
    - mrtg - 2.17.2-1 - Multi Router Traffic Grapher
    - p7zip - 9.20.1-1 - Command line version of 7-zip for POSIX systems.
    - rsync - 3.0.9-1 - fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
    - screen - 4.0.3-2 - A screen manager that supports multiple logins on single terminal
    - transmission - 2.81-1 - Lightweight BitTorrent client and daemon, with web interface bundled.
    - wget-ssl - 1.12-2 - A network utility to retrieve files from the Web
  12. Malakai

    Malakai Networkin' Nut Member

    I've all those packages installed:

    ipkg list_installed
    asterisk14-core-sounds-en-alaw - 1.4.19-1 - asterisk-core-sounds-en-alaw
    asterisk14-core-sounds-en-g729 - 1.4.19-1 - asterisk-core-sounds-en-g729
    asterisk14-core-sounds-en-gsm - 1.4.19-1 - asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm
    asterisk14-core-sounds-en-ulaw - 1.4.19-1 - asterisk-core-sounds-en-ulaw
    asterisk14-extra-sounds-en-alaw - 1.4.11-1 - asterisk-extra-sounds-en-alaw
    asterisk14-extra-sounds-en-g729 - 1.4.11-1 - asterisk-extra-sounds-en-g729
    asterisk14-extra-sounds-en-gsm - 1.4.11-1 - asterisk-extra-sounds-en-gsm
    asterisk14-extra-sounds-en-ulaw - 1.4.11-1 - asterisk-extra-sounds-en-ulaw
    asterisk14-moh-opsound-alaw - 2.03-1 - asterisk-moh-opsound-alaw
    asterisk14-moh-opsound-g729 - 2.03-1 - asterisk-moh-opsound-g729
    asterisk14-moh-opsound-gsm - 2.03-1 - asterisk-moh-opsound-gsm
    asterisk14-moh-opsound-ulaw - 2.03-1 - asterisk-moh-opsound-ulaw
    asterisk18 - - Asterisk is an Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit.
    castget - 1.0.1-2 - castget is a simple, command-line based RSS enclosure downloader, primarily intended for automatic, unattended downloading of p
    glib - 2.20.4-1 - The GLib library of C routines.
    gnutls - 2.6.5-1 - GNU Transport Layer Security Library.
    id3lib - 3.8.3-4 - Library for reading, writing, and manipulating ID3v1  and ID3v2 tags.
    iksemel - 1.4-1 - iksemel is an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) parser library designed for Jabber applications
    ipkg-opt - 0.99.163-10 - The Itsy Package Manager
    libcurl - 7.24.0-1 - Curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax, supporting FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, GOPHER, TELNET, DICT, FI
    libgcrypt - 1.5.0-1 - GNU cryptography libray, needed by gnutls
    libgpg-error - 1.10-1 - Error handling library for libgcrypt
    libogg - 1.2.1-1 - Ogg is a multimedia container format.
    libtasn1 - 2.13-1 - ASN.1 structure parser library.
    libuclibc++ - 0.2.2-9 - C++ standard library designed for use in embedded systems
    libxml2 - 2.7.8-1 - Libxml2 is the XML C parser and toolkit developed for the Gnome project.
    nano - 2.2.6-1 - A pico like editor
    ncurses - 5.7-3 - NCurses libraries
    openssh-sftp-server - 5.9p1-1 - sftp-server only from a FREE version of the SSH protocol suite of network connectivity tools.
    openssl - 0.9.7m-6 - Openssl provides the ssl implementation in libraries libcrypto and libssl, and is needed by many other applications and librari
    popt - 1.16-1 - A C library for parsing command line parameters.
    rsync - 3.0.9-1 - fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
    screen - 4.0.3-2 - A screen manager that supports multiple logins on single terminal
    termcap - 1.3.1-2 - Terminal emulation library
    uclibc-opt - 0.9.28-13 - micro C library for embedded Linux systems
    wget - 1.12-2 - A network utility to retrieve files from the Web
    zlib - 1.2.5-1 - zlib is a library implementing the 'deflate' compression system.
    Successfully terminated.
    I frequently use:
    - Asterisk for VOIP and normal phone communication (via a SPA3000)
    - Castget to have my podcasts downloaded directly to the router
    - Nano to edit configs
    - Openssh-sftp-server to access the file system and the usb shares over ssh
    - Rsync to sync the hdds from my desktop pc with the ush hdd on the router
    - Screen to have a working terminal even when you logout (usefull when I need to download something with wget, so that when I logout wget continues it's job)
    - Wget because the one on the router doesn't support file list downloading

    For now the router (Asus RT-N16) is ok, but I can't add anything more because the usage of the Ram get's to 95% (and also some megs from swap) when all the programs are working at the same time, but if I upgrade the router (maybe a RT-N66U or RT-AC66U with 256 megs of ram) then maybe I will install a ad blocker and other programs.
  13. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    You don't need GNU screen for this task. The nohup command will do what you want.

    People often misunderstand what the true purpose of GNU screen is -- it's a terminal multiplexer, which means it lets you spawn multiple shells within a single terminal window and let you re-attach to all of those shells from a different system elsewhere that has a different terminal type (it translates terminal encodings by having its own terminal type called "screen", then when you attach with "xterm" it converts between screen<->term, but then later if you attach using a vt100 terminal, then it converts between vt100<->screen). It just so happens to offer a feature that lets you "detach". GNU screen does horrible, horrible things to terminal output (I am the author of that mailing list post, where a user insisted a terminal issue was the fault of the application (mutt) and I decoded all the escape sequences to prove it's a GNU screen problem).

    If you really want to use something that's similar to screen but doesn't screw with your terminal in this way (doesn't do the terminal type converting), consider tmux.

    But if all you need is to "background a command" and leave it running while you're not there/logged out, nohup can do that. If you want to log the output somewhere (such as to a file, or if you don't care then to /dev/null) you can do that with proper redirection commands on the shell/command line when using nohup. Use the power of UNIX/*IX to solve these problems, not horrible programs like GNU screen.
  14. ryzhov_al

    ryzhov_al Addicted to LI Member

    Forgot to mention another package for my everyday use:
    • xupnpd — a light DLNA media server which provides service for sharing IPTV unicast streams. It allows to watch IPTV on old media players via UPnP.
    I think nohup is not so popular because is requires "&" at the end of string to go background, which is not allowed in unslung start scripts.
    BTW, I've added dtach year ago: x20 times smaller then screen and consumes x2 less RAM.
  15. Malakai

    Malakai Networkin' Nut Member

    Thanks for those two alternatives as I didn't know they existed. But now which one is the best for what I need - leave a wget download running on the router when I logout from the terminal? Or maybe I should try both of them and decide which one is easiest to use for me (if they really do the same thing).
  16. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    @ryzhov_al -- yup, dtach is also a good one to use. I give that one thumbs up as well.
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