Potential problem with Shibby v105 firmware for Linksys E1200 v2

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by sneakrnet, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. sneakrnet

    sneakrnet Serious Server Member

    First, my apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I searched all around and couldn't find a specific place to post this information.

    Also, this problem may not involve this firmware, but you can read the problem description and try to make a determination.

    To be clear, the problem occurred in this firmware:

    The problem: Using utorrent on PC connected to E1200v2 with this firmware, all trackers time out all the time. This did not occur with the stock firmware, nor with dd-wrt, nor with the following version of the Tomato firmware:

    At first, I didn't suspect any involvement by the router firmware. Port forwarding was working properly, and there were no other observed connection problems. After 5 hours with not one successful connection to any of the many standard open trackers, I tried to download a (legal) torrent using the Deluge torrent client. This did work.

    At this point, I switched out the E1200 router for a basic no-name router and all tracker announces succeeded immediately.

    I then switched the E1200 back in (still with the "105_Max" firmware), and all the trackers timed out again.

    I then reflashed the E1200v2 with the "Flash_From_Stock" tomato firmware, and all tracker announces succeeded immediately.

    Based on this testing, it seems that the "105-Max" version of the E1200v2 tomato firmware has something to do with this problem.

    Again, if I posted this in the wrong place, my apologies. If a moderator moves this message, could you please send me a message so I can find it again?

    Thank you
  2. sneakrnet

    sneakrnet Serious Server Member

    One other [important] thing that I didn't make clear regarding this problem.

    This problem isn't about utorrent (or probably isn't). It's about the fact that certain connections are timing out for some reason, apparently only with that specific version of firmware.

    It implies that there could be a problem that is causing other connections in other applications to time out. I just happened to be able to reproduce the problem using this particular application (i.e., it's a reproducible case of what could be a bigger problem, so it might be useful for investigation and debugging).

    I should also say that I triple-checked things like (but not limited to) forwarded ports in the routers and various firmware versions I tested, Windows 7 firewall settings, IP addresses assigned to the routers by the DSL modem, etc. If anyone is interested in investigating this further at some point, I can run through the tests again.

    And I'm available to answer any questions, if necessary.
  3. lefty

    lefty Addicted to LI Member

    So have you tried an older shibby build, like say 104 or 103 to determine if its something particularly wrong with the 105 build? This could help determine if a change set in-between those builds may be possibly causing the problem. And yes i did read that you used some other 'flash from stock' build and the problem didn't occur, but did you flash back to a previous build number, such as 104?
  4. sneakrnet

    sneakrnet Serious Server Member


    No, I didn't try that. When I posted this I didn't realize how many other builds there were for this router. They only information that I'd found when I was originally searching was that support for v2 of the router had just been added. I've since found the builds on shibby's site. There are seven builds for this router, although the three before 101 are labelled as experimental.

    Sometime this week I'll start trying the other releases, starting with 105 (again, just to re-confirm the problem), and going backwards.

    If you're reading this and know of any releases that I should avoid because of problems, please let me know.

    When/if I know something more, I'll post it here.
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