Power blinking problem!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by messmess, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. messmess

    messmess LI Guru Member

    HI, I have some problem..

    Here is the situation.

    i have linksys WRT54G v5.0. I have the newest firmware. The problem is that the router sometimes work fine i get the dinamyc address from him to my computer as i set up for example, but after some time lets say 2-3 hours sometime 1 day the router gives me some strange dinamic address like 169.154.xxx.xx and i cannot connect the router any more and the powert led is blinking all the time, so i have to switch off from power supply for some time and then connect it again; and after some time it happens again..

    any suggestion, is the router finished???, am i hacked?? or there is something wrong with my configuratin>>
  2. messmess

    messmess LI Guru Member

    I also try to assaign with static IP, and after some time working for a moment i lost the connection and after 5 seconds it repare. After that i cannot access the router with it proper IP i set, so i must restart from power supply, the thing is that i didn't download from torret or anything else there is only 1 PC connected and nothing else. The router was working fine previous with the same cofiguration. I used cabel intenert as WAN and 1 PC directly connected and 1 PC wireless. i was using WEP, i must clone the ip from the cabel modem. It was working fine for 3-4 months and suddenly start to make problems, now I installed the newest firmaware but the problem still exist. I made hard reset the problem remains... i dont know what to try else..??? cabels, power supply cabel?? wireless antenns?? the lad from Cisco system is lighting is it ok??

    any other suggestion ??
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