Power LED lamp is always red (WAG54G)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Anarchitect, May 24, 2007.

  1. Anarchitect

    Anarchitect Guest

    Heya, my WAG54G modem/router has worked fine for quite some time now, but lately it more and more often seems to do this:

    First, my internet is working.
    Then I can't load pages, but my connection to a mIRC channel is still stable (I think it means my DNS is dead or something).
    Then after 3 minutes max I get kicked and can't reconnect, although I'm still on the wireless network.
    I reset the gateway, and after booting up (the powerLED flashing green), all lamps turn red for half a second orso and then the powerLED stays red, and the wirelessLED is still blinking green, and I do have a connection to the network, but not to the internet. Loading the router-page shows me that according to the router, there is no ADSL (eventhough there is).
    I think this has to do with temperature, because either:
    1) letting it cool down for a while or
    2) leaving it on while blocking the ventilation with my hands
    seems to help it out. I didn't have this before though. Any tips, or causes?
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