Power Line Inteference

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kulai, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    I read that a horizontal polarization antenna is better for forested area with trees. I would appreciate if someone could let me know whether there is any type of polarization that is better than the other for power line interference. Vertical, horizontal, circular?

    I have a wireless client talking to my AP across the top (just slightly above) a cross country power line that I cannot avoid. I am just wandering what would be the best antenna to use. I am using Yagi at the client and now deciding whether to use a sector or Yagi at the AP. I don't know whether there is any advantage for using a vertical or horizontal polarization in this connection.
  2. kg4mrv

    kg4mrv Network Guru Member

    The yagi will have more gain, and be more directional (more of the radiated power goes into a narrower area). Unless you're looking to get great distances(which you wont be getting on this situation really) polorazation shouldn't make a big performance difference; horozontal polarization gives you a higer "take off" angle of the signal. This makes it more efficient for long distance high frequency(1-30mhz) radio comms that. The signal bounces off the ionosphere. Just make sure both are polarized the same way.
  3. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    Thank you kg4mrv. My AP client is about 2km from my AP, not really that great a distance. I think the power line is about 100m to 200m away from my AP client. The top of my antenna tower, being on a higher ground, is higher than the power line tower but not much higher, I think should be about 5m higher.
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