PPoE connection/disconnection sensitivity

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by moe6, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. moe6

    moe6 Network Guru Member

    I'm on the latest HyperWRT firmware.

    My modem (i've used both a ZTE and a D-Link modem btw) gets ATM VC congestion errors at times during the day, which wasn't a problem before when my modem was connected directly to my PC as even when the modem loses it's DSL sync XP would keep the connection (and IP, crucially) going and all would be fine when the modem gets its sync back.

    I just got my WRT54G a few days ago and i have noticed that this is not true with a router (do note i am somewhat of a networking noob) and the WRT would immediately discover the DSL sync loss and lose the connection and reconnect when the DSL Sync comes back on. Now everytime it does this, it gets a new IP obviously (i'm on a PPoE dynamic IP dsl connection).

    Normally I would not consider this much of a problem, however this has become a problem as a few torrent sites I frequent are member based and therefore bind your current IP to your username.

    Everytime the router would reconnect would result ultimately in all of my torrents more or less at a stand still. :(.

    I was wondering if there was a way I could make it so that the router would not be sensitive to the sync loss? I am now considering using an old computer as a gateway and the WRT as just a router/switch as I don't know of any other alternative :(.
  2. Lord_KiRon

    Lord_KiRon Network Guru Member

    Buy static IP :)
  3. moe6

    moe6 Network Guru Member

    hehe i should mention that i'm from Malaysia :p.

    dynamic dsl @ 1mb/384kbps = $20
    static dsl @ 1mb/384kbps = $100.

    i'd be buying i'd say 2 to 3x more DVD's than I already do if I found $100 affordable.
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