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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by carmico, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. carmico

    carmico Network Guru Member


    i have been searching on this forum for a solution but i'm confused.

    i have an ISP that accept only PPPoA VC-Mux. I have Static Public IP.

    now, i have two adsl modems...

    1. DLINK 320T running Acorp Firmware 7.0.1
    2. Netgear DM111P running original firmware (last version)

    i want to bridge my adsl connection to my linksys wrt54gl (with tomato firmware) , so then control nat, qos (voip, p2p), etc with the router.

    one solution could be the double-nat (maybe with dmz configured), i read something about.

    another solution could be half-bridge , but how with PPPoA ? i have to desactivate the NAT & Firewall on the modem ? how to configurate the connection method of the wan interface (router) - DHCP - PPPoE - STATIC ?

    another solution could be, buy a Draytek Vigor 100 true ADSL Modem. But i can't find it here in italy.

    i want a solution with the better performance possible, i need good response for VoIP and P2P ;)

    I read about scripts too, but i don't know nothing about that.

    someone can help me :biggrin: ?

    Carlo from Italy.
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    With your modems:-

    I don't think Acorp have half-bridge (yet - they could easily incorporate the Routertech script ideas!) so you would have to use double-NAT plus DMZ - should work!. If you disable NAT on the Acorp web gui - you will find you lose internet connection - that no-NAT mode is only of use if you have a range of multiple static IP addresses - no use for a single [dynamic] IP. To use the ISP IP as the WAN IP on the router you can either use latest D-Link ZIPB firmware or Routertech 2.3 and its built-in script(*).

    I thought this was always in a simulated modem-only mode?

    All above half-bridge methods will need the wrt54gl to have dhcp on the WAN interface. Also watch out the above may not pass on both DNS servers by dhcp (unless firmware fixed - easy to see bug in DM111P GPL sourcecode!)

    [edit] I just noticed you have a static public IP, this gives you more options, and should allo you to avoid the issues with dhcp, but you still need "half bridge" on the modem so it doesn't hold this IP address. Is the ISP Gateway address also static, or does that change?

    (*) will be more comprehensive in future...
  3. carmico

    carmico Network Guru Member

    ok, now i'm online with the netgear dm111p in PPPoA Bridgind method directly to the desktop.

    in the desktop in dhcp give me:

    ip: my public static ip from the isp (always the same).
    gateway: (wan + 1)
    dns: using opendns

    in the modem is:

    dhcp: ON (in PPPoA bridging can't put OFF)
    local ip:
    dns: assigned from the isp

    everything working fine... i can ping , so dns are ok.


    when i put the ethernet cable from the modem to the wan port of the router:

    wan interface in dhcp method: take the same settings as desktop pc. with the gateway (wan + 1).

    wan interface in static method: i put same settings as the desktop.

    so the router is connected to internet and the modem is doing half-bridge work. (i think)

    the problem is that i can't ping. I try open a webpage, and works, but if i try to go to another webpage doesn't load. I have to wait some minutes, and maybe it will work again. Navigation turns slow too.

    in the router the DHCP is ON too. with local IP.

    i thing the problem is with the DNS. but i don't understand.

  4. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    You should edit your post to delete your full static IP address! (put xxx.yyy as the last numbers!)

    Try using opendns servers in tomato, and untick the "use static in addition to dynamic" or equivalent.

    The DM111P is using a "spoofed" IP+1 gateway so you don't need to do fancy routing in routers such as WRT54GL which don't like to see the gateway outside the IP/netmask, by default. I can now do this by script on my modem as well - but it needs iptables netfilter running in the the modem to divert messages targetted at the spoof gateway to the real gateway - I wonder if Netgear/Broadcom have done this? Can you ping/ tracert to the spoof gateway?
  5. carmico

    carmico Network Guru Member

    the static ip that i put there is not my real ip... is for example :biggrin:
  6. carmico

    carmico Network Guru Member

    i make a few changes, now everything working fine. 90% :)

    modem netgear dm111p = PPPoA Bridging

    router linksys wrt54gl = WAN Interface - DHCP

    the problem was the same subnet ip for modem and router. I put the modem in and now everything works. The router in DHCP take the real wan ip. Now the modem is doing the bridge work.

    the only problem now is that when i use p2p (es. xdcc) the connection turns very slow...

  7. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Well spotted!

    It is possible the Netgear is still doing "connection tracking" and suffers the usual problems with P2P.

    If you want to now have a go with the DSL320T have a look through this thread


    Routertech firmware is a development from the Acorp that you are using, the 'experimental' half-bridge script is an "add-on". You will need a small firewall script in Tomato for the "true half-bridge" mode which avoids having to use "spoofed gateways and netmasks".
  8. carmico

    carmico Network Guru Member

    yes, i want to test the dlink 320t... with the netgear everything is working fine , but with emule and irc seems very slow.

    the dlink 320t connects faster than the netgear on irc servers. (using as modem only without router).

    the problem is that i'm confused. can you explain me step by step for the right configuration of the dlink 320T in bridge mode + router with tomato?. My public IP from the ISP is fully static.

    i'm running windows vista on desktops. It's possible to optimize the connection changing vista's settings ? windows firewall on or off ?

  9. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Are you going to try the Routertech firmware?
    I know nothing about vista, but very important to use a firewall especially if you are using half-bridge mode directly (Tomato as a nat router offers some protection)!
  10. carmico

    carmico Network Guru Member

    yes, i want to try routertech firmware too.

    another option is to buy the draytek vigor 100 true-pure modem ethernet.

    excuse me but how is your configuration ? ... you have a router running tomato too right ?
  11. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Yes but I also have a cable connection and modem does work in half bridge as WAN2, but I currently connected directly to adsl via Ethernet and serial console while I hack it!
  12. mhook

    mhook Networkin' Nut Member

    I have a similar config. The draytek vigor 120 with true bridging of PPPoA to PPPoE works flawlessly.
  13. Ragnor

    Ragnor Addicted to LI Member

    The TP Link TD 8840 and Linksys AM300 are cheap options that have better implementations of PPPoA half bridge (aka ip extension) than the old Dlink and Netgear the OP has tried.

    The Draytek Vigor 120 is very good but expensive (at least here in NZ).
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