PPPoA on WRT54GS @@ How to Install package for DD-WRT V23

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ketron82, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. ketron82

    ketron82 Network Guru Member

    Dear Friends, I have read around the web that is possible to add PPPoA encapsulation to WRT installing this package @@ kmod-pppoatm_2.6.16.7-brcm-1_mipsel.ipk @@ from the DD-WRT package.
    Can Someone give me help for install, configure and use this package?? It really work?

    I'm working now with a router/modem dg632 that is not the best but I have only it now . The problem is that I have a not very small WiFi network between the mountain of the central part of the Italy and this router give me some routing problem. When it have to manipulate more connection (p2p + download accellerator + http + Instant Messaging ) and some ip....it slow down my wifi network.
    I think that to resolve my problem I could use DG632 as a modem and WRT54GS like router/NAT/AP.
    Are this correct?
    Please Help me...I'm student and I wouldn't buy ADSL router like CISCO and Zyxel that is more expensive.
    Can someone give me more about PPPoA on DD-WRT??
    Many thanks to all
    Best regards

    P.s. Sorry for my bad english
  2. fced

    fced Network Guru Member

    i'm interesting in a reponse also... i use an wrt54gl + ADSL2MUE and cannot use it in bridged mode because my internet adsl provider give me PPPOA VC MUX ADSL
  3. ketron82

    ketron82 Network Guru Member

    :) ok dear friend :) I will remember you but I have left some other posts in this forum but the only one that reply me is BrainLayers :) I wait for someone that have had the same problem with the PPPoA and could help US!
    Many thanks for your reply
  4. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    I don't understand ? You don't need PPPoA on a WRT !
    PPPoA is only for gateways (with internal modem).

    With a gateway (ADSL2MUE or a WAG for example) you have 2 solutions :
    either you set the gateway in "bridge only" mode and the WRT in PPPoE
    or you set the gateway to PPPoA and the WRT in "Static IP" or "Dynamic config" depending respectively on the gateway DHCP server is off or on.
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