PPPoA Speed low?!

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by The Master, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. The Master

    The Master Network Guru Member

    Hello i have a Question about the PPPoA Module in the Tomato FW 1.25.

    Is it possible to boost up the Speed for this Modul. I live in Austria and we have here PPPoA for the Internet Connection. My problem is that i have a 12Mbit Connection. With the "Modem/Router" from my ISP i got my 11,xxMbit, but with the WRT as Router i only get 7-8mbit (max 900kb).

    With "Static" Connection it is all fine but then i dont NEED my WRT...

    I dont want the ISP Modem to be in Bridge Mode because then i have two NAT configurations.

    So please help me.

    ps: WRT 54g Version 3.1 @250mhz (boost me 50kb up)


    pps: no script no log...all CLEAN...
    only dhcp, ddns,routing,
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    There is no PPPoA function in an Ethernet Router. If you can put your modem into full bridge PPPoE mode you can run the PPPoE endpoint in the router, but only if your ISP supports PPPoE.

    If you are stuck with PPPoA you either have to work with double-nat, or half-bridge mode if the modem supports it (and it works!).
  3. The Master

    The Master Network Guru Member

    Hi mstombs,

    äh dont understand me wronk i dont say it DONT WORK... i say that i have 1.5x cpu USAGE and only 900kb from a 12mbit line?! without ROUTER i have my 1,3MB ->11MBIT Line...

    And YES there is a PPPoA Funktion in the Tomato WRT.

    The WRT is connected to my MODEM/Router from my ISP.

    Here in Austria our ISP is running a PPPoA Inferstrukture.

    IPS->ISPMODEM/ROUTER in Modem MODE (SingeluserMODE) -> WRT Router (config PPTP to USE PPPoA) -> Rest of Network (2x notebook,2x PC,psp,xbox, and so on)

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  4. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    As I understand it he "A" in PPPoA is for ATM, a special protocol that is for communication only over the ADSL link, which is why an Ethernet Router can't do it itself.

    PPPTP must be using PPP over Ethernet, the modem must be doing the conversion to "A", sometimes known as IPoA ? I am aware that certain Draytek or SpeedTouch modems can do a conversion from from PPPoA to PPPoE or PPPTP, this is clearly more complicated than PPPoE full bridge mode.

    Is the IP address in the PPPTP setup your modem, or your ISP?

    The router can clearly handle higher throughput - unless there is a lot of non-optimised encryption code in the PPPTP client.

    One thing that can be very inefficient in protocol conversion is if the packet lengths need to be changed. PPPoE has an 8 byte overhead so max MTU is 1492, PPPoA can use 1500 but lower values often quoted as more efficient (1454 for PPPoE, 1478 for PPPoA). Do you get a change if you use say 1400 in the router?
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