pppoe problems tomato 1.25 asus 520gu

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by splitlenz, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. splitlenz

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    Hey guys, so I got the asus 520gu.

    I installed ddwrt on it, and cleared its settings and then upgraded to the tomato 1.25 and then cleared nvram, unplugged and plugged back in.

    I have verizon adsl westell 6100g modem

    I configured it as bridge , routed bridge, and turned off the private lan, like i was told in the verizon guide to connecting it to a router.

    I tried it with a dlink, and it worked, of course without tomato cause its not supported. It was a friends router, so I had to give it back. I was just testing.

    So I bought this new router, put tomato on it and I set it to ppoe , put in my username/password , hit save and it just says disconnected. I try to hit connect and the progress bar goes and it stays the same.

    It actually did pick up ip and stuff once, when i plug in power to the modem, give it a minute to setup and then plug the power into the router, the router will establish, but after a minute the connection is dropped and settings disappear. Even when pppoe is established for that one minute, web pages do not load.

    I have attached the last 100 lines log from the router, nvram show, and an image of the pppoe page on the router. I'm running windows xp sp3.

    I need help please. :D Thank you very much. If you need anymore information, please ask, I will give asap.

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  2. splitlenz

    splitlenz Addicted to LI Member

    woops. works when its bridge /bridge, not bridge/routed bridge. will keep you guys posted. thanks.
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