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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by z1984z, Jul 5, 2012.

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    I use Tomato Toastman 1.28.74xx in a RT-N16 doing the pppoe and a ADSL connection (speedTouch modem in bridge). This config works like a cham for months.... Monday night I have no internet, then I look in tomato and see that the pppoe is disconnected. First thing I do was put the modem in computer and test pppoe connection. And works fine. When I connect back to WAN port of tomato, no connection... If I turn off tomato, the connection appears for some minutes them disconnecting occurs...

    I tried change connection to modem (modem doing the pppoe connection) and connect tomato by DHCP but doesn´t work too, and again if I turn off tomato, the wan get some DHCP but nothing work, and if you release and try renew nothing happens...I change the modem by a tp-link TD8816 but same occurs...

    I try reset tomato and reconfigure... nothing...
    I try upgrade tomato (7500)... nothing...

    In computer (windows 7) any configuration (PPPoE, DHCP, static) and models (speedTouch and Tp-link) of modem works

    Sorry for my very bad English and thank you for any help!!!

    Jansen Arruda
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