PPTP and Remote Desktop Problems (RV042)

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by askingnv, Apr 13, 2007.

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    I have 4 RV042s that I manage. I have 2 separate pairs of connections between different offices.

    Office F (Static DSL) <======> (Static DSL) Office E

    Work (Dynamic Cable) <======> (Static DSL) Home

    From Home I can PPTP into the Office E and F routers with no problems. I can also QuickVPN into the routers at Office E and F with the normal QuickVPN problems (but it does connect)

    From Home, via the PPTP connection to Office F (There is no desktop at Office E to remote into), I can use Remote Desktop to work on the database and other programs at the Office.

    All computers that are in use here are Windows XP Pro, SP2, current patches, Firewalls have passthrough set up for the QuickVPN client, ping is allowed from the local network.

    <Problem Description>

    Remote Desktop can not connect via QuickVPN. IT starts the connection, sometimes starts the desktop refresh, then stops and displays a Remote Desktop disconnected error.

    To make this worse, while at Office F manager's house, I could not PPTP through the Dynamic DSL connection. I resorted to using Quick VPN 1.1.00 - which also failed. Quick VPN 1.047 and 1.038 connected but did not have any network connectivity once connected. I could not ping the compuer on the network nor the router.


    1. Does Remote Desktop work across QuickVPN? I am using the IP address of the remote computer not the computer name (since we all know that NetBios doesn't work!).

    2. Has anyone seen a time when PPTP fails to connect through a hotel or other dynamic IP area? The Office Manager's DSL WAN connection was a private IP - indicating that the ISP was Natting the connection.

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