PPTP Behind WRV200 fails

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by bcavalieri, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. bcavalieri

    bcavalieri LI Guru Member

    With an old dlink wireless router I was able to connecto to my office and customers using pptp.

    Just bought a WRV200, but when I try to connect to out via pptp, I'm able to authenticate to the pptp server, but..... I never get the network connection made, and 20 seconds later I get disconnected from the pptp connection.

    Any ideas how I troubleshoot this?

    I have tried turning pptp pass-thru off and back on, disabled qos, and making my computer in the dmz.


  2. bcavalieri

    bcavalieri LI Guru Member

    I did notice in the windows logs:

    [3428] 07-23 03:09:20:065: SetIpForwardEntryToStack failed and returned 0x57dest=0x0, nexthop=0x5002a8c0, mask=0x0
    [3428] 07-23 03:09:20:065: RasTcpSetRoute(Dest: 0xe0, Mask: 0xf0, NextHop: 0x5002a8c0, Intf: 0x5002a8c0, 1, Add, Stack)
    [3428] 07-23 03:09:20:065: AllocateAndGetIpAddrTable Begin
    [3428] 07-23 03:09:20:070: AllocateAndGetIpAddrTable End
    [3428] 07-23 03:10:29:711: Freeing Tcpip info for adapter {6fcb68e7-5a35-4599-86a2-3d14063519c7}
    [3428] 07-23 03:10:29:712: RasTcpAdjustMulticastRouteMetric(IP Addr: 0x5002a8c0, Set: FALSE)
    [3428] 07-23 03:10:29:712: AllocateAndGetIpForwardTable Begin
    [3428] 07-23 03:10:29:722: AllocateAndGetIpForwardTable End
    [3428] 07-23 03:10:29:722: GetAdapterInfo
    [3428] 07-23 03:10:30:051: GetAdapterInfo
    [3428] 07-23 03:10:30:156: Couldn't get IpAddress for the adapter
    [3428] 07-23 03:10:30:156: GetAdapterInfo failed and returned 1168
  3. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Are you connecting to a MS vpn server?
  4. bcavalieri

    bcavalieri LI Guru Member

    I have two pptp vpn servers trying to connect to.

    One is a freebsd pptp server, and the other is ms server 2003.

    If I plug the dlink wireless router back in, I get connected to the pptp vpn just fine. Really hoping can get this resolved, I do like the features the Linksys has, but have to go with what gets me connected to work :)


  5. bcavalieri

    bcavalieri LI Guru Member

    It does work wired, apparently its only over wireless its not working?
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