PPTP over WIFI in client mode with DHCP

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by habos, Oct 21, 2005.

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    Installed the 20/10/2005 V23 mini to try out the PPTP over WIFI interface in client mode with DHCP enabled but had not luck.

    I setup on Wireless->Basic Settings to use client mode
    Wireless Mode: Client
    Network Mode: B-only
    SSID: Suonline

    After saving the values on status->Router my wrt got the IP, gatway, DNS from my providers AP.

    After that I switched to Setup->Basic Setup and changed the 'Internet Connection Type' from DHCP to PPTP.
    After that i got the fields 'Internet IP Address' and 'Subnet Mask' both filled with the values that i previously got via DHCP. I check the 'Use DHCP' to yes, filled in my providers PPTP server IP, my username and password and hit save. (I'm not sure for what is the 'Encrypted' settings, does that for mppe encryption? My provider uses mppe-128 encryption and mppc compression).

    After I switched to Status->Router and i got the 'Connect' button but if I hit it nothing happens, only that the IP adress get reseted to allong with the Subnet mask, also if I switch back to the Setup tab, the IP/Mask and PPTP fileds get reseted to

    Am I doing somthing wrong or the PPTP over WIFI with DHCP isn't finished yet.

    Thx for your great work BrainSlayer
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