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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by daniemay, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. daniemay

    daniemay Network Guru Member

    Is there a trick to getting the PPTP server setup?

    I enabled the PPTP Server option, entered in the LAN side IP of my router, added a small range of client IP addresses, and setup one user in the CHAP secrets box. I setup the VPN client on my Windows XP computer, but I am never able to connect. It doesn't appear that the client is even establishing a connection to the router.

    In trouble shooting the problem I have tried to make a VPN connection from a wan side client to the wan IP of my router, from a lan side client to the router's wan IP, and from a lan side client to the router's lan ip. None of these connections are sucessful. There are no firewalls or Windows settings that would prevent either of the client computers from making a PPTP VPN connection. I am able to make a telnet connect over port 1723 to the router.

    Any suggestions would be most apprieciated.


  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  3. smc

    smc Guest


    What is the proper syntax for the Chap username/password?

    is it username (space) password?
    or username:password?
  4. daniemay

    daniemay Network Guru Member

    I went throught the doc twice before I made my post to the forum.
  5. SeeingWhite

    SeeingWhite Network Guru Member

    Satori 4.0 PPTP VPN server is buggy. I think it is being fixed in Alchemy.
  6. Pixel166

    Pixel166 Guest

    Re: Syntax

    The correct syntax is:
    username * password *

    (The pppd man page said :
    username server password ip-address
    with server = * and ip-address = * it works for me)

    I succeed to connect to my VPN from a remote computer, but it's right that's it's quite buggy
  7. aznoohwee

    aznoohwee Network Guru Member

    i am using an alchemy build, but i think this applys to the satiori build also since they both use the same pptp implementation.

    the correct syntax for chap secrets is

    "username" * "password" *

    after using those it also solved the 4th connect problem, (at least on my firmware) haven't had a chance to downgrade to satiori to check, but anyone's welcome to try and post their comments
  8. sjen5

    sjen5 Network Guru Member

    i can connect fine to my pptp server. I have other issues however outlined in my post :

    The chaps file syntax is
    "username" * "password" *
    (make sure you put enter at the end of the line, perhaps thats causing problems)

    The * represent ip ranges "i think", im not chaps expert but i think you can specify ip address for each username password combo to accept connections from. The * represents all ip addresses.

    I am using Sveasoft Satori v4.0 WRT54G as downloaded from this site.

    Let me know if you get it to work, and can use your vpn for browsing other computers in you lan.


  9. Hinten

    Hinten Guest

    I have the same setup but I can't even connect to the VPN server.
    The status on my client goes passed connecting and then hangs at "Verifying userid and password".
    It never gets out of that mode. Any idea what I might have configured wrong?
  10. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member

    The CHAP should be


    joe * joespassword *

    (no quotes "")

    make sure you dont have any CR/LF or spaces at the end of the CHAP secrets config.

  11. dsheli

    dsheli Network Guru Member

    Ok, what you have to do is every time you change the settings on the router is power cycle the linksys. That is how I got the vpn to connect.
  12. niTz

    niTz Network Guru Member

    if it drops on the password and username check part go into the vpn properties under authentication disable disconnect if no encryption and it will connect,

    i have a problem to i can connect but my gateway is reported as the ip the remote computer is given the range is
    os if .31 is taken the gateway is .31 how can i make it take as the gateway so i can surf net and access files at work or friends house?


    the niTz
  13. niTz

    niTz Network Guru Member

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