practical server/router exercise for a newbie.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by AKMatt, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. AKMatt

    AKMatt Network Guru Member

    I've been sifting through alot of information.. not sure what fits my needs.

    First of all. Am I correct in presuming that I can tell my linksys (V1.42.3) that if an address like 111.222.333 is typed in from a computer going through the router, to direct those calls to a specific machine?(mac address)?

    If so, I just wanted to learn these basics. I thought I'd like to take a basic test web page file, in a basic shared directory. and see if I can get calls (only from the LAN for now) to be directed to that page.

    So typing an address like 111.222.333 will go to the router, and be directed to the machine (mac address) I selected.

    I presume I then have to tell the machine what to do when calls come in, and what dir/file to access. Right now I'm just working on winxp to winxp contact.. but when I have a better understanding of those basics, I'll be bringing my linux on line, and moving to that next stage.

    If someone knows of a step-by-step page on how to do this, please list it.. if you have the patients to explain it, I'll do my best to follow it.. and when I have it down, make a help page with screen captures on this, to donate to this site on this subject.


    PS: I was triing out this exercise because aside from the server/router learning experiance, useing browser/web like access to shared files would be cooler.
  2. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    if what your looking for is windows sharing then its relatively easy. its just typing in ecplorer \\nameOfMachine\NameOfShare
    if you want to have easy access over the web (
    from outside you will have to punch a hole in the router on any port unblocked by your isp and route it to the host of the following server

    next you will have to run a server either ftp or http. there are different kinds but those are easiest.

    then when you are away from home you will have to know your ip

    say it is
    you will have to type in a web browser ""
    at which point you will be able to select files and whatnot
    this part is the phonetic ip server port
    like so /~cfulton:80 in such case that port 80 is not blocked by your isp you would not need teh :80 becasue that is what http:// means if it were running on port 21(ftp) you could say ftp:// instead of :21

    get my picture???

    if not i can try to explain it better
  3. AKMatt

    AKMatt Network Guru Member

    I understand the first part.. network.. share files.. I already can do that.. I suppose it would be more accurate to say "I want to be able to practice making a site and accessing it from another machine on my network, as if it was ON the net, without it REALLY being on the net yet. Learning about security.. vulnerabilities.. testing crap first hand without actually alowing access from the internet.

    I am reading/learning more about ports, assignments.. how to make machine listen to specific ports and what to do with the traffic thru them. I think as soon as I FULLY understand ports, I'll better understand the rest of your information.
  4. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    noone will ever fully understand ports...

    so what you want to do is easy.

    you have 2 pc's
    pcA and pcB

    pcA holds your site that you want to test it is the http server.

    pcB you are sitting in front of

    you could actually do this with one pc but assuming you have 2.

    set up the http server on pcA and then find out the ip
    we will say it is

    in the browser on pcB type in

    and that should be it

    of course the page will have to be in the WWW directory to actually work.

    hope it helps.
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