Presence issues on latest version with Skype/GMail/VoIP

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Devileyezz, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member


    I'm using the latest Tomato, on WRT54GL.
    However, I have problems with Skype/Gmail and VoIP.

    I have two VoIP phones connecting to an outside server. Both of them suddenly lose connectivity. I even have their ports triggered.

    Skype, me and my friend are on Skype. Always. However, most of the time, he is shown as offline to me on my Skype. He complains that he sees OTHER people (not me) signing in and out all the time.

    When I log into Gmail, 3-4 mins later, the Gmail Chat says I've been logged out. And the automatic mail display thing that they have stops working. (Where if I get an email, it automatically shows that I have 1 new unreal mail) And so I have to click on inbox again to see if I have a new email.

    I use Tomato at my home, and it works just fine. UPnP is enabled and all. At home I don't even have any special settings. Also, just so you know, QoS is disabled.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    Looks so dead in here.
  3. rkloost

    rkloost Addicted to LI Member

    Do I understand you correctly if at your place everything works fine and at your friends place there are connection issues?
  4. gregg098

    gregg098 LI Guru Member

    Dont know about the Gmail part, but I had a problem with my VOIP device not reconnecting sometimes.
    Check out this thread

    Changing the timeout values solved my problem. Maybe it will for you too.
  5. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    It's got nothing to do with VoIP, my VoIP phones seem to work just fine.
    It's just the Skype messaging where it doesn't show another guy on my network as online when he is. :(
  6. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    Thanks, but that looks like some traffic stuff. Mine seems like firewall stuff.
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