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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by indianajones, Mar 24, 2006.

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    My story started with a used laserjet 2100m I got off ebay for about $80. The printer was a 220V version and since that voltage level is not standard here in the US, the previous owner never used it. When I got the printer it showed on the status page a total of 300 pages!
    Unfortunately the printer had only parallel interface and my laptop has only USB ports, so I went on ebay out looking for a USB to parallel converter, but soon changed my mind since I also want to add an inkjet later. So my specs went to a wireless print server that could integrate into my home network that has a zoom X6 wireless DSL modem router with WPA and be able to handle atleat a parallel port printer and a USB. I visited this forum seveal times hoping to be able to makeup my mind. Sadly it seems linksys does'nt give a @#$% about the WPA printserving capabilty.
    I read on another forum that dlink was offering WPA on its printserver DP-G321 that can handle 1 parallel and 2 USB printers. So I got one of these almost new offebay. I just finished setting it up and now I have wireless printing capability with WPA and space to add 2 more printers in future all for approx 80 bucks.. :D
    I'm not trying to promote dlink but people if linksys isnt listening to you, why should'nt you look elsewhere?
    Sorry for a long story and have a great day,
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