Priorities within QoS-Management !?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by der_Kief, May 9, 2006.

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    Hi @ All,

    for about 3 days now i have my new baby :) the WRT54GL1.1
    The first thing i did was upgrade to DD-WRT23SP1b because i read a lot of it in the internet. I was very surprised about the variety of settings. My last two Routers were T-COM "branded" devices and i missed some features which are importanat for me especially the QoS feature. Here at my house i have 3 Computers running in a private lan (wired) on a A-DSL line with measured ~74KBps-up and ~690KBps-down.
    PC1 -> my computer
    PC2 -> P2P computer (bulk priority)
    PC3 -> daughters computer

    So, generally PC1 should get the higest priority, PC2 the lowest and PC3 "normal" priority. But especially when i play an online-game like BF2, the game-traffic (on my computer :) ) should have "top" priority !
    enclosed are 2 configurations i tried but i'm not sure which one is the more efficiency one.

    Is it better to give the "premium" priority on netmask to my PC (1) and leave the services priority alone (config1), or give the premium priority the game services (config2).
    Does the "express" priority from netmask on PC1 overwrite the "premium" priority from services (config1) ?? Because i need the "premium" priority only @ gaming otherwise its enough when my PC1 has the "chief" :) priority within LAN<->WAN an so i think the "express" priority should be OK !?
    So maybe someone can give me his "experience" or his "knowledge".
    Thanks a lot.


    Btw -- GREAT FIRMWARE :bow:
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