Private FreeLancer LAN server question re: routers?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by James Ferris, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. James Ferris

    James Ferris Networkin' Nut Member

    Hello Forum,
    I'm not a network pro though I do know a bit... or at least enough to know when to ask for help.
    Please understand I will appreciate any suggestions. So...

    This is for FreeLancer (FL) PC game use. Are you familiar? Just discovered with friends.
    The only thing I can see that is different for two locations is the routers.

    I've been reading everything I can google and trying to figure out server listing issue for FL client.
    Here is my issue:
    I am running a FL server on my machine for a private LAN party, and then we connect to it... and me too also running a FL client on my machine.
    1. I have made a connect to my server when at my friends place (FreeLancer v1.0 and v1.1)
    - private LAN, NO Internet, basic linksys wrt120n router -- This Just Works!
    2. I can't see my server in LAN list when at my home
    - private LAN, w/ Internet, basic linksys/tomato router - either wifi or cabled
    3. after FL client update server listing workaround applied, can play at Internet servers from my home
    - private LAN, basic linksys/tomato router - either wifi or cabled

    What I've done regarding item 2 above:
    1. FreeLancer complete uninstall / reinstall to version 1.0
    2. update to official version 1.1
    3. add in update to version 1.4
    4. apply server listing workaround
    Tried to find my Local FL LAN server at each stage and No List Visible.
    Note, this was server and client on the Same Machine.

    And I also tried doing the DirectConnect via IP assigned by my tomato router:
    Freelancer.exe -s192.168.20.110:2302

    I'm using XP media ctr w/ IP4 only - no IP6 installed
    Have disabled all local PC firewall - normally use ZoneAlarm w/ XP fw disabled
    Am using Avast! antivirus and set to Silent /Game mode w/ FLserver.exe and FreeLancer.exe as exceptions.
    Tomato router on home Linksys wrt54GL is very stable and completely functional.
    This is the Only issue I have Ever experienced!

    Any ideas? Suggestions for how I might find what might be causing this?
    Regards, and Best for the Season!
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