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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gbeckmeyer, May 27, 2005.

  1. gbeckmeyer

    gbeckmeyer Guest

    Need some assistance and advice for the best option. Just bought a WRT54G v3.0 and would like to set it up as a private hotspot for occasional classes, seminars, board meetings, etc. So what I would like is to force an authentication/AUP page for guests and ideally have a single login for all to use during the class, then just disable once the class is over. A second priority would be the ability to add MACs for a couple staff so they could use it without authentication...not that critical though, they could just have their own ID/password for authentication if needed. I thought Tinypeap would work, but I think that won't work on v3.0 hardware. I don't mind an external radius server, preferrably running on Suse 9.1 as that's already doing some other network chores. I've installed Alchemy but don't see anything relating to Portal setup. Is there some documentation for Alchemy, or do I just follow the Chillispot doc? Any other firmware suggested?
  2. datamile

    datamile Network Guru Member

    perhaps use linux server to do all that, and let the wrt do the networking
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