Problem backing up (replicating) to NTFS format NSLU2 drive

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by CTXSi, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. CTXSi

    CTXSi Network Guru Member

    I just got an NSLU2 last week. I immediately hooked it up, installed the 2.3 R63 firmware, and attached my USB drive (300GB Seagate in a AMS Venus DS3 enclosure, formatted in NTFS). The setup went fine, all my PCs can see the drive. Copying single files here and there works great.

    My problem comes when I try to run a backup to the NSLU2. I use either Karenware Replicator or Handy Backup 4.0 to replicate critical files (My Documents, My Music, etc...) to the drive. The biggest folder I backup is approaching 25GB and a few thousand subfolders/files. This process used to work great when I would take the USB drive around to each PC individually, but movign the drive around became a pain - hence I got the NSLU2. However, since I've been using the NSLU2 the replication doesnt seem to be working. It fails after a few minutes with a

    Error occured while reconnecting to <device name>.
    Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is already in use.
    This connection has not been restored.

    After receiving this error the NSLU2 locks-up; it isnt accesbile via my network places, a mapped drive letter, or the web GUI. The NSLU2 won't even shutdown if I hold the power button for 10 seconds. The only way to get it back is to unplug it and then reconnect it.

    Has anyone else had a problem like this? Am I asking too much to replicate folders using 3rd party software? Am I trying to backup too much data (up to 25GB) at once? Did I just get a bad unit? Linksys tech support suggested I return the device because it will not shutdown when the power button is held in. Does this seem like the cause of the problem?
  2. talum

    talum Guest

    So far I know NSLU2 can support hard disk size up to 250GB only.
  3. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    The NTFS implementation on the NSLU2 is not bug free

    There have been numerous reports of large or lengthy file transfers failing due to droppped connections if it is used with an NTFS-formatted drive. Once the drives are reformatted to ext3, these same file transfers work fine.
  4. akuo

    akuo Guest

    The specified network name is no available

    I am having a similar problem with a NTFS formatted 300 GB Maxtor Onetouch connected to the network with an NSLU2 on a WRT54G router. Whenever I try to transfer large amounts of data either to or from the external drive the transfer proceeds for a while then stops with the error: "Cannot copy filenameXXXX: The specified network name is no available." Microsoft tech support thought it was a problem with an unstable network connection. I still get the error when I eject the wireless network card and try the transfer through a wired LAN connection.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem? Alternatively, does anyone know of another option/device/brand to connect an external NTFS formatted drive to a network that does not require reformatting to EXT3? I'm about ready to take the NSLU2 back. It's driving me nuts.
  5. CTXSi

    CTXSi Network Guru Member

    Thanks d__l. I did some more searching after seeing your post and I found a few users describing exactly what you said - the transfers work for EXT3, but not NTFS:

    Before I go copying everything and reformatting does anyone have any experience with the OpeNSLUg (and similar) firmwares? Is their NTFS support more reliable? I wasnt planning on hacking the NSLU2 yet (I only got it a week ago!) but if it fixes my problem then maybe I'll give it a shot...
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