Problem by going back to Linksys Firmware...

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Lumpeh, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Lumpeh

    Lumpeh LI Guru Member


    My Router is the Wrt54G V 2.0

    I have got the following problem:
    I installed the DD-WRT Firmware for 2 weeks. After one day, i wanted back to the original linksys Firmware. After installing the firmware, i didnt have acces to the Internet with any client PC. But the Router is connected and I can ping websites in the Routers Ping Diagnostic... All other things are toaly normal, i only cant get acces to internet. It seems, that the router cant send packages to client PCs which come from the internet.
    After that , I installed the Alchemy Firmware and with that firmware it goes..... without problems.
    But I want have the original Linksys firmware back!!. Because in my opinion the other firmwares are not so stable. When I download more than 4 files at the same time the router makes a reconnect.... with the linksys firmware he did not make that!!

    How can i fucking get back the damn original Linksys firmware?
    Last time, I patched the router with the Linksys Firmware and then I made factory defaults... but same problem.. no connection to internet...
    It is a different when I make factory defaults by alchemy, then patching with linksys original???

    I have got the feeling that the DD WRT software has changed some things in the router and the linksys firmware is no more able to rechange it??

    pls help me..
  2. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    woah, F-bomb

    when using linksys firmware, is your computer receiving to correct IP address? You can ping websites from the router so it sounds like a problem between the router and your PC only. Is your computers NIC perhaps set to a static IP?
  3. Lumpeh

    Lumpeh LI Guru Member


    yes it is set to a static IP adress, but it also does not work when i leave it to the DHCP server

    it is a problem between the Router and the PC...
  4. Lumpeh

    Lumpeh LI Guru Member

    ok, Clear NVRAM has solved my problem...
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