Problem in configuring WAG54GS

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by psramanuj, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. psramanuj

    psramanuj Guest


    I have been trying to configure WAG54GS wireless router and have run into the following problem. Although the configuration on the host machine (The one that has been wired to the router) works fine and I am able to access internet from that. Whenever I try to connect to the router using a laptop wirelessly the connection is successful however my laptop doesnt get assigned and ip-address. I have checked the DHCP configuration on the router and its enabled, but still any wireless connection to the router doesnt get an ip assigned automatically. I have tried setting up static ip on the wireless clients by specifing necessary DNS server names etc etc..but still I am not able to ping to the router from the wireless connection(laptop). Can anyone help me out in this regard..this has been driving me crazy for sometime now!!
    Thanks a lot in advance...

  2. NickR

    NickR Guest


    My mate had the same problem as you, he was not able to get a dhcp ip address, kept getting a local address 169.** . I have updated the firmware to
    1.00.12 (Annex A) on linksys uk site, after saving settings , wag54gs rebooted, WIFI reconnected, got a ip address of, so far so good looks ok. (looks like linksys have mad a mistake of the release date)


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