Problem install Thibor HYPERwrt 2.1.b1 in WRT54GS v4

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Goknicks, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Goknicks

    Goknicks Network Guru Member

    I just install Thibor Hyperwrt 2.1.b1 to my 1 week old WRT54GS v4 with speedbooster the way I installed:

    1) I upgrade the linksys firmware 1.05.02 to dd-wrt using dd-wrt v23 mini (release 11-05), this worked find. But I did not reboot/reset the router and then>

    2) I upgrade to HYPERWRT 2.1.b1 it gave me a message upgrade successful. And then, when I tried internet, I lost the connection as well as getting into the HYPERWRT firmware at all. When I type there is no response. So I reset on the back of the router still did the same thing no connection to the Hyperwrt firmware.

    Now I could not do anything with my router, I don't know how to get even to ORIGINAL linksys firmware. I could get into the firmware.

    Anybody can help me to solve this problem? Please advice I would appreaciated.

    Thank you.........
  2. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    First, restart your computer or unplug-replug the ethernet cable.

    Second, unplug-replug the Linksys router from power.

    Next, the more difficult steps. . .

    Hard reset procedure:
    unplug the unit
    hold down the reset button for 30 full clock seconds and while still holding down the reset button nonstop you should reconnect the power while still holding down the reset button for 10 more seconds nonstop.

    As you can tell, any break of conductivity on the reset button during that tricky 40 second procedure could cause the hard reset procedure not to work. So, try this hard reset procedure several times.

    If that didn't work. . .
    If you had started loading firmware without first setting factory defaults, then follow the procedures for "recover from a brick" You need a TFTP utility to load new firmware onto the router whenever the web interface is not usable.

    More information available in the forums of and the forums of
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