Problem Making Router Work, HELP PLEASE!! Anyone!!

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ShadowPrince, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. ShadowPrince

    ShadowPrince LI Guru Member

    i have tried using my Linksys install CD and the Netset assistant thing, i have a westell wirespeed modem from Bellsouth and my internet has always been fine, usually i just use the NetSet and it sets up my router with no problems at all, well all of a sudden i tried today and its not working.

    When i use the NetSet it gets to the last step where it tries to detect my Router but all it says is "NetSet Assistant has detected that your computer is connected to the router via a wireless adapter." which is strange since i have NO wireless adapter, i always use Ethernet which is what i'm using now, under that message it says "Should you wish to modify your wireless settings, connect your computer to the router using a network cable and click Next to continue. (For Security purposes, it is necessary to connect using a network cable.)"
    So i can not get my router to work.

    Now when i use my Linksys install CD it goes through all the steps and then at the end i get the "Limited or No Connectivity" error on my taskbar and my internet doesn't work. So yeah i'm really confused on what to do, I went to Linksys to the live chat and it seems like i got someone that barely understood what i was typing and the solution they gave me didn't work at all.

    I have a BEFW11S4 Wireless-B Broadband Router ver. 4 with 4-port switch. Any help is greatly appreciated, responses on here are good, anyone can also e-mail me or message me on AIM or other messengers i have listed on my profile here, Thanks in advance!
  2. ShadowPrince

    ShadowPrince LI Guru Member


    so...does no one know how to help? or hasn't anyone ever encountered this error before??
  3. Shadowprince,
    Have you had any luck yet? I just started getting these error yesterday after updateing windows xp. I will write again if I find a solution.
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