Problem NSLU2 - HD Maxtor Basics Desktop 500 GB NTFS

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by path1234, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. path1234

    path1234 Guest

    Hi to everyone..
    I am new on this forum.. I hope you can help me..

    I bought before yesterday a NSLU2 and I wanted to connect my maxtor HD NTFS of 500 GB on it, but I have found the following problem:

    - I can not connect to NSLU2 via windows explorer (start->run->NSLU2 IP address) if the maxtor HD is connected to USB port disk 1.
    Instead if I access via web browser I can see the HD and also all its folders!!!
    If I connect the HD on disk 2 I can access the NSLU2 via explorer but I don't find any HD
    That HD has an external power supply..

    I have also another HD, 100 GB NTFS Lacie with NO EXTERNAL SUPPLY and it works very well both with explorer and browser..
    My firmware is NSLU2 2.3R63

    Do you have any suggestion to solve my problem?
    I have to upgrade the firmware?
    My purpose is to connect both my NTFS disks to the NSLU2 :wink:

    Thanks to everybody..
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