Problem setting up VPN forwarding (L2TP/IPsec)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by basic, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. basic

    basic LI Guru Member

    Dear all,

    I'm having problems connecting to my VPN-Server (Windows Server 2003) using L2TP/IPsec through my WRT54GS. A VPN connection using PPTP is working without any problems and also directly connecting (on my LAN) using L2TP/IPsec is working fine.

    Currently installed Tomate Firmware is v1.15.1297.

    Does anybody managed to connect to a Windows Server 2003 VPN-Server through a WRT54GS with Tomato firmware installed?

    The ports currently being forwarded are:

    1723 (TCP) for PPTP connection
    500 (TCP/UDP) for L2TP connection
    1701 (TCP/UDP) for L2TP connection
    4500 (TCP/UDP) for L2TP connection

    Is there anything missing? I didn't find an option, as available in other firmwares, to enable VPN passthrough, to make sure the packets aren't changed by passing the router.

    Thanks for any help in advance!
  2. basic

    basic LI Guru Member


  3. Rafatk

    Rafatk Network Guru Member

    Well I got my VPN server working, I enabled my Windows XP VPN, and I can connect just fine.
    But I just forward just ports 500 and 1723.
    Have you check on the log to check if tomato is not dropping the packets to the VPN server IP? Check on the log, I remember while ago someone having the same problem.
    And also check on ssh if the rules in the iptables are correct.

  4. basic

    basic LI Guru Member

    Thanks for your answer. I checked my logs but can't find any entries related to this, although logging is enabled?!

    How do I check this iptables thing? I'm not very familiar with this?

    I have several other servers running behind the router (http, ftp, smtp, etc.) and everything is working fine, besides l2tp/ipsec. I understand that vpn in combination with NAT can be an issue, but since everything seems to be properly configured, what can cause this problem?

    If any additional information is required, please let me know an I'll try to provide it.

    Thanks in advance.
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