Problem setting up VPN on WRV54G

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by mergs, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. mergs

    mergs LI Guru Member

    When I try to setup the VPN on the router it comes ups with the message saying it is switching to 10.x.x.0 and it goes on to say that I should still be able to connect using, but I get bumped off the setup page and I cannot reconnect to, even with a hardcoded laptop
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Just connect with the new ip and there shouldn't be any problem.
  3. mergs

    mergs LI Guru Member

    How do I know what it is if can't connect to it?

    I guess I should have mentioned, it's not setup as the DHCP server. Here is what I have:

    Cable modem, connected to router1( DHCP server), WRV54G connected to router1(with hardcoded LAN address), laptop connected to port on WRV54G.
  4. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    1) What brand of router is your first router
    2) Are you running CAT5 from the first router's LAN port to the WAN port on the WRV?
  5. mergs

    mergs LI Guru Member

    More details

    router1 is a Motorola WR850G and yes the WAN port on the Linksys is connected to 1 of the LAN ports on the Motorola.
  6. mergs

    mergs LI Guru Member

    Maybe a simpler solution

    I was just trying to test this router before bringing it to an office. Let me spell out a new scenario:

    Replace current Linksys that is connected to office and acting as DSL router and DHCP server.
    Put WRV54G in place connected to Internet T1
    Setup VPN and I'm assuming it'll give me that same message (switching to 10.x.x.0)

    Will I then be able to connect with client PC's, because they will receive a new DHCP address?
  7. HercNav

    HercNav LI Guru Member

    Even if your WRV is at, you can type in your web browser to access it (in case you forget its address). As soon as it (or you) changes the IP Address of the WRV, you must change the IP Address of the computer accessing it to match ( WILL NOT WORK if your WRV is set to, but will). When it gives you the message that it is changing its own address, you can change it back on the first page that comes up when you log on to the Web-based utility. If it were setup to control DHCP, then all you'd have to do is "repair" the Local Area Connection on the attached computers.

    If you're using Norton Anti-Virus or an equivalent, make sure that you "Configure" the "Personal Firewall" for "Home Networking." In which case, I use a "Range" of IP addresses (that match those of my WRV and local computers attached)....

    More specifically, if your message says that it's going to, then your computer should be, where "xxx" is anything but "1". The Norton range would be: to
  8. mergs

    mergs LI Guru Member

    Thanks for your replies.

    Thanks for all your responses. The message that Linksys puts out is WRONG. You CANNOT still access the router at

    You must do a ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew on the client pc and find out what the new IP of the gateway(router) is.

  9. HercNav

    HercNav LI Guru Member

    I have to side with Linksys on this one (Ouch, that really hurt!)... Give me a second to collect my breath....

    The release/renew is the same as disable/enable, or even repair in My Network Connections (you'll see your network address in the details to the left if using WinXP). You mentioned that the IP Address on your laptop was hardcoded to; if your WRV is not running a DHCP server, then you need to hardcode it to an address that matches the WRV (refer to my previous post). Once done, you should be able to reach the web-based utility by typing My WRV is set to something completely different, and although I have it memorized, I still use every time I log on to the utility. If for some really weird reason you're only able to reach the utility by typing in the WRV Address, well okay, just do that then....
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