[Problem] Tomato 1.5 - 1.6 Torrent Seeding Problem

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by hsafeer, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. hsafeer

    hsafeer LI Guru Member

    Hi I'm having major problem seeding any torrents using this firmware..
    I'm on a 6 meg line, before i would get around 50-80k .. now i get 1-10k .

    Tried 1.5 and now i'm using 1.6 with Buffalo WHR-HP-G54.
    Using QOS .. but its the same if i disable it.
    Tried DMZ and check the port forwarding also .. Torrent apps dont show any errors.

    I know its only torrent because i've tried uploading files using ftp/sftp and thats fine .. (50+k).
    I've also tweeked the Maximum Connections to 4096, and TCP Timeout , None:600; Established: 1800.

    please help.. I love this Firmware .. this is my only problem ..

    and oh I'm using using WDS .. my second router is a Linksys WRT54GS with the exact same firmware version, but i'm connected to the main router LAN Buffalo WHR-HP-G54.

    please any suggestions ???
  2. Covenn

    Covenn LI Guru Member

    I am running 1.6 on my WRT54GL, and currently using Azureus bit torrent client, and am experiencing nothing out of the ordinary in regards to torrent download speeds. Since running tomato my whole internet connection in general has gotten more consistent, constant 1100 KB/s downloads off of newsgroups.

    Im am still really new to Tomato, but I'd have to say that there isn't a problem with torrents and Tomato 1.6 firmware, and that the problems your having is unique to your setup. I am sure one of the more experienced members will have some questions, and suggestions for you.

    Sorry if I could not be of greater assistance.
  3. hsafeer

    hsafeer LI Guru Member


    NP, Thanks for the info, and for download your right i dont have any problems, torrents are at good speed when download and I also download for newsgroup where i get my max speed (6mb) ..

    my problem is only seeding/uploading via torrents.

    I'm not a new torrent user and haven't changed anything uTorrent settings, I've also tried Azureus with the same results.

  4. Devotedfollower

    Devotedfollower LI Guru Member

    your isp has possibly just put a cap on uploads in your area...I know this is the case with rogers and cogeco in canada...downloading can go max, but uploads get capped to around the speed you discribe...

    So what's your isp? see if they are doing this @ www.dslreports.com


  5. mikester

    mikester Network Guru Member


    What is your Max Bandwidth in kbit/s?
  6. dolly_oops

    dolly_oops Network Guru Member

    There is a partial list of ISP's which affect BT performance:

    If you really want to rule out the possibility of it being Tomato 1.0.6, maybe you should revert to 1.0.5 and see if everything works as normal or not.
  7. hsafeer

    hsafeer LI Guru Member


    Max bandwidth is 764 kbits

    but as i said I also turned off QOS completely with the same results.

    dolly_oops : no i meant the problem is in both version, I started using tomato( 1.5) had the same problem, then i upgraded to 1.6 hoping it would fix it with no luck.

    Jonathan987 : Yea I am with rogers, and they do cap ur bandwith but with rogers extreme which i have u still get close to 80K Upload and I can upload close to that speed using FTP. And my downloads using FTP or Torrent is just fine.. Its only when I'm seeding/uploading via torrent i have a problem, 1-10k.

    And I've had their service for a long time and knew the capped it but I was still able to get 50-80k Upload via Torrent, before switching to Tomato. That was about a week ago when I got my second router (BUffalo) to setup WDS.
    Actually thats why I switched from DD-WRT. Overall I think Tomato is better/nicer/easier except this problem that i have when seeding.

    I'm thinking of taking off the WDS for now and switching back to DD-WRT and try to get WDS working to see maybe its WDS which is causing this problem.

    Also ... for QOS I only need to enable that on the main router right. Not the second router that is repeating the signal .
  8. mikester

    mikester Network Guru Member

    Try changing it to 50000. 764 kbits/s is only about 95 kbytes/s which will perform like a 1MB connection.

    Oh yes, if you are on Rogers you are lucky to get ANY P2P connection from what I've seen. Rogers has been activly blocking/limiting P2P. You may have luck using utorrent.

    IMHO Torrents suck and blow. Get a premium news server and free up a lot of bandwidth for other people. With Torrents you usually upload as much as you download. Generally I have little to no sympathy for Torrent users as Torrents+P2P = Virus || Spyware. My $0.02 worth...
  9. hsafeer

    hsafeer LI Guru Member


    that doesn't make sense "764 kbits/s is only about 95 kbytes/s" thats right .. as i said i get just under 100k a sec upload speed. you might be confusing this with the download speed .. which is different.

    as for newsgroups .. i have a premium newsgroup (giganews) account. and i am also on a private torrent site, theres no spyware/virus .. in my opinion you get virus/spyware when u download from unreliable source .. it can be torrent newsgroup or a website. Just gotta use your common sense and downloaded "Official, released stuff" and not 700MB zip file named only by its name or something.

    But thanks for the info ... I know my 6MB Line has 800kbits upload so 764 sounds just right. I know rogers is evil but i can say I dont have any problems with them , or well I didn't until i changed the router/firmware setup.
    Capped or not I would get 500k down 80k up(before this issue) on torrents and 700+k a second on newsgroup downloads.
  10. sillydoh

    sillydoh LI Guru Member

    Since I don't have problems with seeding with any of my routers using Tomato, I would think that it's something other than the firmware. Did you mean to say that you didn't have problems with Tomato before 1.05? Have you tried other firmware besides Tomato to see if it's a firmware issue?
  11. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    you should try utorrent with random upnp port and encryption on it should bypass the ISP cap...
  12. Devotedfollower

    Devotedfollower LI Guru Member

    If my suspicions are right hsafeer (which I'm pretty sure they are...eheh), rogers has just done the no upload via torrents and p2p in general for your neighbourhood....I also have rogers extreme and mine happened around a year ago.

    Ted's cap works regardless of port, encrypting packet headers, etc. so lets hope you somehow find a way around it...although I'm willing to bet my money on it....:(

    If you can max out your upload via ftp or speed check (which you said is happening), then they have and your only option is DSL. I would highly recommend teksavvy DSL (www.teksavvy.com) as I personally have switched to it when this happened to me. You can talk to the owner of the company @ http://www.dslreports.com/forum/teksavvy Their service is far superior and you end up getting connected via more networks with better redundancy with them (they buy from larger network_s_ (transit access on world wide/ north american networks) for their 15k customers in ontario...if Peer1 goes down (which it never does..) then they default to Cogent...then to t systems, 3x redundancy) As far as I know rogers, cogeco and for sure bell only buy from one larger broadband company and thus, when that one connection fails....bam, all the customers lose internet....


  13. hsafeer

    hsafeer LI Guru Member

    OK just switched back to DD-WRT and yea for some strange reason my seeding problem is fixed.

    Only tested it with a 100mb file, so it didn't take long but i got 300+k download 60-80k Up. Before with tomato the max upload speed would be 8-10k.. and thats on a large file seeding only with 50% of peers still leeching.

    does anyone know what is going on ??
  14. sillydoh

    sillydoh LI Guru Member

    The only thing it looks like that's causing this, is an issue with Tomato and WDS... Since all other regular implementations of Tomato work fine here with regards to seeding speed...
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