Problem using VPN with WTR54GS travel router

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Has anyone else purchased the new WTR54GS travel router and successfully established a VPN connection through it? My current router on my home network is the WRT54G and I use a VPN connection through it daily without issue. I bought the WTR54GS travel router this week and tested it on my home network before taking it on the road, and it works great EXCEPT that I'm not able to establish the same VPN connection that I use daily with the WRT54G. I have all 3 types of VPN passthrough enabled (my Nortel VPN uses IPSec). I contacted Linksys tech support and they said to open UDP port 500 (I don't have to forward that port on my WRT54G so why would I need to on the WTR54GS?). Anyway, opening UDP port 500 didn't fix the problem. If I set my PC to the router's DMZ then I can establish a VPN connection, so that suggests the problem is port related. As soon as I remove my PC from the DMZ I can no longer establish a VPN connection. Is there another port I need to open or something else I'm missing here? There is only one version of firmware so I can't upgrade to determine if it's a firmware problem.
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