Problem while setting up NAS EFG120

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by capsmon, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. capsmon

    capsmon Network Guru Member

    Everything which is required on the physical connection is
    fulfilled,but i can't seem to detect the new EFG120 with the setup
    wizard.Do you have any idea bout it.

    Things were done include:
    1. NAS is directly connected to one of my thinkpad.
    2. NAS is powered up, the green light of 'ready/status' is on, green
    light for disk 1 and disk 2 are on without blink.
    3. I didn't reset the jumper on the two harddrives which i installed
    into the NAS as i just leaved the jumper as default.
    4. I have another NAS which is running on LAN,but i can detect it with
    the Setup wizard.It is listed on the selected drive panel,but when i
    connect the new NAS to the LAN,n click on search again,i can't see any
    new NAS on the selected drive panel.That's the problem i encountered.

    Hope i can get a favourable answer from the support team,thanks.
  2. jglat

    jglat Guest

    The EFG's, by default, (right out of the box) are set at static IP address with a subnet mask of If the computer you are on is in a different subnet, it will never find it.

    Step One:
    See how your LAN is set up. get to view network connections (assuming XP), right click on your LAN adaptor, select status, then support tab. Write down the IP address and the Default Gateway.

    Step two:
    Set that computer up for the EFG. Click back on general tab, then properties, then on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then properties. Click "Use the following IP address, and enter 192.168.1.(put last set of numbers for your curent ip address here) for IP address, for the subnet mask, and leave gateway blank, then click OK.

    Step three:
    Run the EFG setup wizard and change the IP address, subnet mask, and Default Gateway in the EFG to be in the same subnet with your lan.

    Step four: put you computer back the way it was.

    All should be well now if this is what the problem is.

    Good luck
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