Problem with changeover to DSL with static IP

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Odyssey42, Jan 8, 2007.

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    In past, we have been suffering with a microwave feed as the only internet source faster than a dialup available to us in our location. Thankfully a local telephone provider has just installed a fibre optic feed.

    We have a WiFi system that we broadcast to our guests which will need two static IP's and I am changing our office computer system over to Linux and have taken a fixed IP for remote access.

    Our current set up is as follows:
    -microwave feed comes into an ethernet converter box
    -from converter box, an ethernet cable connects to a hub
    -from hub, one ethernet connects to a power injector for the WiFi and another ethernet cable connects to a router which feeds our office lan.

    We have two linux (Ubunutu) computers and one remaining XP Home windoze computer sharing the internet connection. All three computers are set up for DCHP self-configuration and all working well, if slowly, under the microwave feed.

    I unplugged the ethernet cable from the hub at the router and plugged in the ethernet cable from the optic fibre NID (Network Interface Device), but cannot now connect to the Internet. The telephone company reconfirms that they tested the connection and that it is working, so assuming that it is. should the DCHP automatically detect the new feed or does the introduction of fixed IP's mean that manual configuration is going to be necessary? [Edit: I meant to ask if the router will need to be reconfiged to recognize a static IP number, rather than it acting dynamically as the IP# changes?]

    If the latter, can anyone give me some guidance on this? If not this, any ideas?
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