Problem with firmware 1.02.2

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by civilis, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. civilis

    civilis Network Guru Member

    Hi! I upgrade my gateway to v1.02.2, I reset factory default, i configure my adsl connection, PPPoE and the modem no connect, Any suggestions?

    Thanks and excuseme for my english, i'm spanish.
  2. saphuis

    saphuis Network Guru Member

    Sorry if I don't understand.
    But what is working and what isn't :?:
    Wireless conection to router, wired connection to router, ADSL, router menu?
  3. civilis

    civilis Network Guru Member

    ADSL no connect, but work fine if "Service Name:" is in blank.

    Thanks very much.
  4. saphuis

    saphuis Network Guru Member

    I found some info. There seams to be a lot of trouble with the new firmware...
    There is a new modem software in the new firmware that has problems with some providers.. Linksys advices to go back to the old firmware.
    My adsl connection works fine over here, but my wireless keeps crashing. Also a problem with this firmware.
    Sure hope there will be a good working firmware soon.....
  5. Tekwar

    Tekwar Guest

    i use the 1.02.2 Firmware ,no problems here

    ISP Arcor on 1,5MBIT Flaterate

    Cu Tek
  6. Metaone

    Metaone Guest

    My WAG54G started resetting itself as soon as I have upgraded to V1.02.2. When I downgraded to V1.01.7, I realized that there was no resetting and working good. So I think that there may be a bug to be fixed, and I have written an e-mail to Linksys support. I will share with you if they answer my questions.
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    1.02.1 has now been released. maybe to fix the issue u guys have
  8. civilis

    civilis Network Guru Member

    This morning at 7:10 am I had installed the new (or old) firmware v1.02.1, At 8:20 am from my office, my router don't get ping. After update, I restored factory defaults and set it up again. I think it's possible that wireless crash (how v1.02.2).

  9. civilis

    civilis Network Guru Member

    Wireless don't crash, the problem are dyndns, It don't update my ip correctly.
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